The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Is there anyone who can make me a Naruto Storm themed fightstick artwork for the mad catz fightstick pro I’m willing to pay up to $25

so kinda scrapped WIP chun/cammy Panzer Fightstick vinyl wrap design and sat at desk staring at this image of Katsuragi for like a day lol
Added her name in corner, bubbles, triangles and crap. also beloved arcademan coin logo, I was still mad uninspired.

about 2 days photoshop later, now I can possibly play my imaginary software by insert coin games Senran Kagura Panzer Soldaten with this stick when its done.
Remaking my own version of title logo took about a hour, rough but I like so far lol

Someone’s gonna be hitting HK alot.

PM me.

Can anyone tell me about swapping out buttons and stick parts on Fighting Edge?

I got a template I really like, but I just have a few questions:
1 - Anyone know how much g force is required to press the kuro buttons that are in my fighting edge right now?
2 - If I wanted to change the sleeve on my ball top and the ball top itself, can anyone tell me which would fit?
3 - When switching buttons, is there any reference where I could show how to swap rims with buttons?
Not sure if it matters, it’s the Fighting Edge Collector’s Edition.
I appreciate the time you guys take to help, I’m new to fighters and want to spruce up this fight stick a bit.
Thanks kindly.

Wrong thread. Direct your questions [here](Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thanks kindly, sorry!

Always wanted to try arcade stick art modding. Just getting too tired of looking at the ole factory designs on my stick so I thought of making a design for it. Just wanna get some thoughts if I can improve on anything here

It’s good, but:

  • Try and make the Hiragana font match up with the “KOKONOE” text written in English or vice versa; as it is now there isn’t much sense of “unity” because the font styles are so unnecessarily different. You have the more digital looking one versus the more calligraphic style; pick one or the other.

  • Move the BlazBlue logo elsewhere. It feels so out of place near the bottom center - or get rid of it entirely.

  • The one image of Kokonoe that takes up the left side of the stick is enough; the other two smaller ones seem a bit unneeded and they feel “awkward” to me. Get rid of them and stretch that single image on the left side to fit the entire template.

  • Overall try to play with your typography a bit more

Just my suggestions; feel free to disagree.

I believe your left image is also incorrectly resized. Make sure to maintain aspect ratio when resizing pictures.

Actually yeah that BB logo was bothering me but it was sorta uhh kinda watermarked on the pic I chose. As for the text, guess I will try putting the fonts together and see how that goes. Damn, didn’t think someone would notice the different font styles on the hiragana.
As for the two chars on the right, I think I’ll come up with a better use for them. Thanks for the advice, time to get to it again so I can move on to a Bang template I’ve been thinking of all day.

In that case, if you just stretch the image it’ll probably end up in the bottom left corner anyway, which is a lot better than its current placement. You would then have to move the Hiragana elsewhere though, other wise that bottom left corner will be quite cluttered, which generally isn’t something you want.

looking to make an Image for the Madcatz fightstick pro…i tried Arts hobbies but they use paypal and i have problems with those guys…so if anyone can do it…i have the custom artwork which should be easy…just needs to be printed out…also if it just needs to be printed out can i get it done at Kinkos…can they print that wide…I’ve gotten SE fightstick artwork printed from them and knew it was 8X10…was wondering the size for them if I do the fightstick PRO

I dont have access to a computer to use Photoshop to make a template but I was wondering if any of you skilled artists can have my dream template come true. I would love to have balrog and decapre both on the stick with the Newport color scheme and have the text say Newport City Balrog. I have a sfxt stick and I was hoping to get Gummo to help me customize it at tfc. Thanks in advance for any help making my dream template a reality

Tried my hand at photoshop and messing with rose artwork for my VS stick. The buttons would be red for the first 6 and black for the last 2. I’m thinking of using a translucent ball top as well. What do you guys think?




What do you think about the artwork I am designing for my custom stick? I want to implement the Mortal Kombat logo but couldn’t find a good way. Any ideas?

Really like the zodiac on the last one, have you tried repositioning it, to go around the stick?

Thanks. Haven’t tried that yet. I’ll mess around with it later tonight and see how it looks.

Got tired of my factory artwork so i decided to try my hand at making my own background. What would you guys do to improve it?

i like it, but i dont understand the need for the text at the bottom. you already got his name from the text behind the character

otherwise, it looks good.

get rid of the last two buttons, because 8 button is dick