The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


Ah you see, that’s part of my master plan. It’s not that I suck at fighting games, it’s the character I took. Yeah. That’s it.

Appreciate the feedback. The whole point of where the quote is right now is because I wanted the text to overflow and be cut off. You can still completely tell what is being said without the whole text being visible. Same goes for the “Sean” text at the top. By the time the TE2 bezel gets put on, the top and left of the text will be cut off.

I was trying to get Sean in a good position without cutting his finger off and I feel like I can’t find a good middle ground. Either his finger get’s cut off, or he gets moved all the way to the left and I end up with a big dead area around the stick. I’ll keep playing with it.


IMAGE QUOTE! From a veteran such as you?

Son, I am disappoint.


Getting the new HORI (eventually… month long delays sigh) And kicked around an idea in photoshop. since I don’t have any one fighting character I love enough to put on a new stick I went straight Marvel.


Carol Danvers now now going by Captain Marvel with Kamala Khan took up the name Ms. Marvel


Anyone have a template for sanwa buttons?


Are you requesting an individual file for clear Sanwa buttons?
Most templates you download for artwork purposes will be PSD files with multiple layers and will have an individual layer for the button holes.
You’ll find downloads for all of those templates (and links to many more) on the first page of this topic.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks, I’ll check one out.

Ok, I just tried 5 different templates, and none of them had layers for the button art.


I just wanted to keep my VX SA as simple as possible and I really liked the new SFV Ryu image. Plus the original art on my stick is turning yellow and starting to peel. I guess I’m going to have to spend $25 at Tek-Innovations for a plexi and artwork :smiley: Are they still a good option?


My bad @d3v. Fixed.


Such a simple design. I approve!


Waitin’ on that HORI to come in to slap this badboy on


Here’s one I did a while back. I was inspired by something similar I had seen.


This is dope!


the inside of the P is miscolored hope you havent printed yet


Your stick has a racist button, lol.


I’m going to retouch it a little more but I’m looking forward to changing the art on my stick.


anyone link the source image for this?



Do I understand properly if I say that if I want to use this image with Art’s Hobbies Photoshop template, I need to find a version that is way way way bigger?

If the answer if yes, how do I go about finding it? I just need to hope that it exists somewhere? Thanks!

Edit: I poked around with my 0 Photoshop skills and looks like the image is fine at this size!


I still can’t decide …Ryu or Raph??