The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


My bad @d3v. Fixed.


Such a simple design. I approve!


Waitin’ on that HORI to come in to slap this badboy on


Here’s one I did a while back. I was inspired by something similar I had seen.


This is dope!


the inside of the P is miscolored hope you havent printed yet


Your stick has a racist button, lol.


I’m going to retouch it a little more but I’m looking forward to changing the art on my stick.


anyone link the source image for this?



Do I understand properly if I say that if I want to use this image with Art’s Hobbies Photoshop template, I need to find a version that is way way way bigger?

If the answer if yes, how do I go about finding it? I just need to hope that it exists somewhere? Thanks!

Edit: I poked around with my 0 Photoshop skills and looks like the image is fine at this size!


I still can’t decide …Ryu or Raph??


does anyone have a template that looks like the hori vlx kuro?

edit: forgot to mention i wanted this for the vlx template


Nope, it’s not like the black/grey Vewlix-l art, it’s all new so no one would have it, I’m sure someone could make it if you requested a commission and told them exactly how you want it.


@poisonmar Raphael just because I’m getting sick of everyone using the same exact SF5 Art.


@poisonmar Do Raph, and change the “RAP” logo to say “RAPH” :smiley:


Hahaha that’s a great idea. I need to do that.


Yes, you need one that is larger and no that image is not fine at that size.


Following the instruction of not changing the size of the template and inserting my image on the right layer and placing it where I want it gives me this:

I did something wrong?


You can’t change the template size but you can make Chun bigger. Click on her layer and hit control+T. This will allow you to resize her. Make her whatever size you need. Once you are done, double click on the zoom/magnifying tool. This will zoom at the exact print size quality and will allow you to check Chun’s print quality and figuere out if you’ve stretched her too much. If she looks blurry The you need to make her smaller or find larger image.

Protip number 1: if she’s too blurry re insert the image and resize as opposssed to just making smaller again. Image stretching degrades the image quality.

Protip number 2: always uses the double click on zoom tool to check print quality. And move around without zooming out by holding SPACE bar .

Source: I have a bachelor’s degree in GD and do this for a living hehehe :smiley: