The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


Thank you very much for the help guys! I finally grasp how it works. I found the same image in a gigantic version and when checking the print, it is now very good looking. I changed the blue of her outfit to pink to fit the few pink Seimitsu buttons and balltop I got. Now to hope that the plexi and template for HRAP4 Kai will be added to Art’s Hobbies!


Glad I could help


any critique on my latest shindig?


Looks good to me. Clean and simple.


Move the photo on the left further left to where the gun barrel isn’t cut off and perhaps raise it a tiny bit. Not only will it be more visible when it’s in use, but a button rim won’t get in the way of the tip of the shot. If the photo is required to be there for any particular background placement, you could just shorten the barrel of the gun a few centimeters.

Do keep in mind the rim of the button will stick out a tiny bit further than the holes show.


This is the most i could do without making the dirt at the bottom raise up too much.


@poisonmar - I really like the “Hori RAPH VX-SA” artwork.

That looks good. :slight_smile:

Do you plan on having a clear dustwasher?
The black background ink around the joystick won’t show (much) with a black dustwasher so if you want it to blend in you might want to make it bigger.

Also, if you’re going plexi instead of lamilabel/vinyl it’d be great to skip the start button and repurpose it somewhere on the stick base. Don’t know if you have the skills for that but it’d make the artwork even better.


Yes i have a clear dustwasher, a small one i had a friend make that doesnt cover as much but does its job. also as for the start button i have no idea how to do that, im a very inexperienced modder, but i have a lot of fun with it so i want to learn more. maybe switching the start button would be a good project for me. Also or reference this art is going on the new ps4 vlx. cant wait.


Question, is the template for the Madcatz TE2 on the first page the same for all versions of the stick? I have the guilty gear Xrd PS3/PS4 TE2 and want to make sure there’s not a difference between the Xbone version or something


Yes it should be the same.


Some artwork a friend’s girlfriend did for me.


Tried to make my own artwork. What do you guys think? I just couldn’t think of any background at all so I just splatted paint. Any tips or advice?


@Vegeas Very nice, but the main problem is that the paint splatter is super-sharp and crisp, whereas your artwork is (understandably) not.
I’d recommend inking your artwork and coloring it digitally (even in grayscale), so that it can be just as sharp.


Slow day for me, kinda lame but I don’t play P4AU and needed new art that matches the blue side panels so American Dee Jay it is.

Kinda like the old school woodstock vibe I tried to give it. Any thoughts on what I can add?


pressing start on the boobie


ready for print IMO


Thanks. It was my first time trying to make art using photoshop. So I was just playing around until I found something nice.

Will try your advice, though.


Why not fade out the background or just drop the transparency drastically, It distracts from your artwork, which is really good and should be the main focus.


@Vegeas That’s pretty clean bro


Thanks. Forgot about using transparency. Never really came to my mind.