The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


Alot of people can claim that here. And I shown professionals in other fields that they wrong on something they should have known.
All a professional means is you get a paycheck for your work, its not a grantee you are actually worth the paycheck.

Claiming you are a professional on a internet forum does not mean squat.

Final print is the product were going for as this isn’t going to someones PC wallpaper, were speaking of a end product print that somehow gets applies to someones arcade stick.
Forcing the DPI to a higher number actually makes the picture smaller (as you already state). So we have to counter with a even bigger image. Makes me wonder why you chose only 4mp or higher for your image search.
And yes I know what a megapixle is, its a stupid concept created by marketing. Its what should be ignored and instead you look at the image resolution.

And what is the formula you speak of Mr Professional?


If I came off snooty it was not my intent. A lot of people get this wrong and it was my intent to provide accurate information.

The formula (assuming inches) is pixels in X / desired dpi = inches in print then do the same for Y pixels in Y / desired DPI = inches in print.

If you are good you can take an image thats just a little too small and do incremental resampling to increase it’s size reducing the pixelation factor. This is one of the things you have to experiment with and see if the results are acceptable or not. Some times it comes out ok some times there is just no way to increase the size and have it look decent.

If I can get away with it and I’m doing all original art I use 600dpi but if Im using online art or something I can go as low as 300dpi.


In my experiences, re-sampling is at best a shot in the dark and that most people can’t execute this well.


True. It’s image dependent and dependent on the look you want to achieve and VERY time consuming to get the best possible results.

One method that works some of the time for me is to resample by 102% (thats a 2% increase in size) then apply an unsharp mask, and repeat. As you can see to double the image size your doing this procedure about 35 times, but it’s one of the only way to get an acceptable result. You can then retouch the final image. This is usually only worth while if it’s a one of a kind image that you cannot attain any other way than the resolution you have and need it larger.


I just got my first stick today.


can anyone make art for an Icade core?


Do you have a template for it, or a digital caliper to take measurements?


@marcus32X yo, that art is hella sexy. I’m not just talking about Maki, but I like how simple it is and how the logo and Maki art out of the way of the lever and buttons. Gonna get OBSC buttons to put the art cut outs into the button caps or just gonna run with something else?



Do you have a template for it, or a digital caliper to take measurements?


I can get a template, I remember seeing one in a message board


If you get the template you can PM me and let me know what you have in mind. I probably wont have free time to pull something together till Saturday though.


I’ve no idea ATM, This is my very first proper stick (had a hori mini beforehand) and I am handy in photoshop so I decided to do this mockup, where do I go from now ?


Oh Thanks Very Much :smile:


Received my artwork from tek-innovations and finally got a chance to put on my PS3 Madcatz VS stick. Still thinking of changing the buttons to red and yellow transparent sanwas and also dual mod it to be compatible with the XB1.




@Gorilla White, That is sexxy! Love it, looks very nice.


Thanks @IceBerg303 .


Recent commission.


KrizmKazm on YouTube has made some FREE artwork for the MadCatz TE2 & Razer Atrox Fightsticks.
You can get it here then print it out yourself or go to Kinkos and have them print it.
He will also do custom work for a fee. To contact him just search for KrizmKazm on YouTube and comment on one of his videos.

I just joined and don’t know how to post pics otherwise I would.


I’ve been looking through this thread at all the nice work folks have done and it finally gave me the inspiration to try my own hand at personalizing my new stick.

I’ve seen a few attempts to recapture that look of the NES Advantage, but I’ve never been totally pleased with any of them, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. I was pretty thrilled with how well it all came together when completed.


Recently discovered this place and been browsing the many cool looking layouts for these fightsticks on here. Wanted to post one I made up for my TE2 recently from pictures I gathered online and just get some opinions.

It’s not themed after a fighting game, though I am messing around with a few fighting themed ones as well.


My main comments:

  1. It’s too “busy”. Feels like you thought you just had to throw EVERYTHING in there wherever there was room. Words, logos, characters, portraits, etc.

  2. Squall, Rinoa are there twice, but Edea, Ultimicia and Seifer’s only there once?

  3. Mismatching art styles: portraits on top are the original FF8 art; Ultimicia is from Dissidia, and the large Squall+Rinoa is some fanart? Try to find matching art styles from the same artist.