The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


I’ve been looking through this thread at all the nice work folks have done and it finally gave me the inspiration to try my own hand at personalizing my new stick.

I’ve seen a few attempts to recapture that look of the NES Advantage, but I’ve never been totally pleased with any of them, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. I was pretty thrilled with how well it all came together when completed.


Recently discovered this place and been browsing the many cool looking layouts for these fightsticks on here. Wanted to post one I made up for my TE2 recently from pictures I gathered online and just get some opinions.

It’s not themed after a fighting game, though I am messing around with a few fighting themed ones as well.


My main comments:

  1. It’s too “busy”. Feels like you thought you just had to throw EVERYTHING in there wherever there was room. Words, logos, characters, portraits, etc.

  2. Squall, Rinoa are there twice, but Edea, Ultimicia and Seifer’s only there once?

  3. Mismatching art styles: portraits on top are the original FF8 art; Ultimicia is from Dissidia, and the large Squall+Rinoa is some fanart? Try to find matching art styles from the same artist.


any templates for an Icade core I can’t find any


There is only a PDF which is not especially useful since it has no measurements. Any art done on it would not be guaranteed to fit correctly.


f’n bummer @iceberg1127


Nes theme stick! Why didn’t I think of that?!
Very cool. Snes theme?


I think the Super Advantage could lend itself to a slick looking stick if you did the multicolored buttons. I wanted something simpler though, and the NES one was that first real sort of arcade at home experience my generation longed to have.

That being said, I think it would be neat to see a SNES style one. After I get done revamping my Nyko Wand/gun attachment to look like the old NES Zapper I might get another stick for my son to use and try the Super next.


Like this?


Since an illustration I was commissioning kinda seems to have fallen through, I decided to put together art for my hitbox from a version of the bee in my avatar, inspired by the CYMK color scheme in this post: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

It’s the first time I’ve attempted to make stick art, so any criticism would be very welcome. I tried to keep it simple but am not sure if I want to add a few solid lines or something to help balance it out a bit more. I’ll need to get a button or two to color match, I think.

edit: I couldn’t sleep so I tweaked it a more to make the left side more of a mirror of the right.


I love it, the colors, the bee, everything, keep it up! :]


Hi fellas. Long time lurker, just registered. This artwork is not done by me I just found it on the web and I liked it enough to consider putting them on my stick (Atrox). Next up I need to go to focus attack and get some appropriately colored ball tops and buttons.


Hey everyone. I’ve got my art done but I’m not sure what I have to do now. I know I have to get it printed but what do I get it printed as? Like what kind of sheet for example. Are there any good places in Ontario to get it done? (I was thinking Staples). Also if I do go there do I print off my art from my printer and take it to them? Sorry I’m extremely new to this and don’t want to mess it up!! >.<


I always print my stuff in 300dpi (gloss cardstock and CMYK color modes), I use a locally owned print shop to do it most of the time because I don’t like the prices of most print places (Staples included). 300dpi, CMYK, gloss cardstock, can’t go wrong.


I’ve found our local Meijer the most affordable of the super-mart print shops. My local printer wont do one-offs as cheap as meijer will.



There HAS to be a larger image of this. I kinda want to make a Disciple themed stick. It’s one of my all time favorite cards. My favorite is my current av.


New over here mostly as a lurker…:slight_smile:

Trying to mod my Mad Catz TE2 Xbone version with some new graphics, but i notice that i suck with templates and getting graphics right.

So my request would be if somebody could help me out who is experienced with TE2 graphics (i would even like to pay some for your help).

Please PM me for details.


New here and well to Photoshop. My little brother’s birthday is coming up this weekend and he loves his Arcade Stick. I was thinking of making him a custom art with his favourite character Kitana on it. Here’s what I have so far in my one hour of Photoshop experience

. I could use some help from you Photoshop pros!


Looks good for a first try.
My notes/recommendations:

  1. The MK logo is going to be too close to the mounting bolts

  2. The word “Kitana” could use some spicing up, it currently looks a little plain

  3. The character image on the left side is out of place; it’s just floating there with no lower-body. Either find another piece of art to put there, or remove it entirely; you don’t need to fill up every single empty spot on the surface.