The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


MK buttons might work inside clear Seimitsus with non-clear rims.


Im happy to take commission work as all my artwork is done from scratch on my trusty wacom tablet.



i wish i had a wacom tablet…i told my wife to get me one as my next present, which should be soon because we got married in june…i think…so there should be presents in early june…or was it late june, oh man…


Just something I worked on for a client.


that picture of Morrigan kinda looks like she’s going to pick her nose…lol


she is thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue: Morrigan is awesome!


i’d still hit it…then i’d get turned into a husk…would it be worth it?..hmmmmm…that’s a question for the ages…


Tecnically, she absorbs your soul and keeps it in a state of eternal bliss.


does my soul die if she dies? if it does, it’s not worth it.


Dont know but your misses will be pissed…Guaranteed.


sick template D, and chuu that is some nice work bro!

I would take that risk, she is just 2 damn hot not 2!


thanks Ronin, as for my wife, i’ll keep it on the DL…probably won’t even notice i’m gone :cool:


lol, :rolleyes:


i DO spend most of my free time at the gym or looked away by the computer…lol…it’ll take her at least a week to notice me missing :stuck_out_tongue:


my kids would ask for my iphone then my cover is blown.

…loads MVSC3…:stuck_out_tongue: oh so sweet!


I hear that!, My girl would think I was in the studio and never think twice about me lol.


oh, found some more commissions, well, more like variations…


dope arts people!

ANYBODY KNOW if the SE template will work with my brawl stick art? i’ve heard its different sizes but i already have my SE art but dont wanna go print it if it doesnt fit


@ Chu
The sprites in the Ken one aren’t resized right. For pixel/sprite art, you should resize using “Nearest Neighbor” filtering (in Photoshop) so they retain that pixelated look.

If you read the first post, you’ve have noticed that the SE Template is listed under “SE/TvC/Brawlstick.”


yes i saw that, just wanted to make sure cuz ive been hearing mixed information but thanks dev(Y)