The "NEW!" Official Call Of Duty Thread:


Figured it was time to start a new thread with the reveal of CoD: Ghosts so here’s what we know so far:

MP Lobby Screenshot: [details=Spoiler]


Videos here Will add more later.
Perks so far
List of strike packages and streaks

Another list of guns, attachments, etc. from the Ghosts reddit:

Did I miss anything?

The NEW OFFICIAL Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 Thread: Vengeance DLC now out!

Double Post: Perks Icons and Descriptions:



You’ll keep up with this far better than I did!


Don’t forget to post the trailers and other vids.




From that list I feel like deadeye and ping are going to be used a lot.


Mw2 been hittin lately.


Well in all fairness it could be busted but the word “probability” jumps out at me. I see it as some kind of Mario Party “Chance Time” thing were you could potentially get fucked over by it if you rely on it.


Double Post: Official multiplayer facts list from IW.

Cranked might be cool…


5 points just to get a “chance” at getting stopping power per say? Maybe it’ll help those who can run a train on people like reth but ill stick to consistently and use more reliable perks.


A bit of info from the Ghosts reddit, Domination is back to pre-BO2 status. Also, if you halfway cap a flag it makes it neutral.


I didn’t mind BO2 dom since it allowed me to get a 2nd chance at turning the game around especially against teams who well dominated. Problem is (and i did it myself) is because of the round format. I could say build up a streak hide and save it if the round is going to end and unleash next round to help build a 2nd streak easier.

Got no problem in going back to how it once was. I like the idea that the flag can go neutral now mid cap making defense now more challenging.


CoD: Ghosts on the Xbox-1 will have dedicated servers:


Good for them but if im buying for PS4 and no dedicated servers this could really make a big difference…


From Activision’s Community Manager:

Still no official word form Sony though…


Sounds like its not Activision holding back but sony. Wonder what is going on…


MS probably throwing money at them


PC will have Dedicated servers too. So it looks even more odd that Sony wouldn’t join up


Cannot wait for Ghosts.

EnVY Us played a pro scrim today against Quantic gaming. They went down 0-2 in the series, losing hardpoint then SnD. They then won 5 in a row to take the series. Karma, originally from Team Impact (Dallas, COD Championships) is now on Envy.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the competitive scene for COD Ghosts is going to be!


Is Vengeance worth it? The map packs have this terrible trend me not liking the non-remake ones very much (aside from Grind and Downhill). How are the non-Summit maps on this one?