The New Official SRK Injustice Match-up/Tier Discussion Thread (READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING)


Since it’s been more than a month since the game first came out and we’ve already had a couple of majors for the game, I believe it’s time for us to have an official match-up and tier discussion thread.

A few rules:

  1. No tier lists without a corresponding match-up chart. In a match-up heavy game like Injustice, the individual match-ups are more important than the actual tier ranking.

  2. No fighting. You get one shot at anyone, anything beyond that, take it to PMs.

  3. No troll posts.

If you find that your post has disappeared, then it’s most likely because it’s violated one of those three rules. Constantly breaking the rules (especially 2 and 3) can get you some jail time, or even a ban.

To help with this process, I have created an automated match-up chart using Google Docs/Drive. Access to editing rights is subject to approval. Until then, feel free to copy and paste* it to make your own.

*Google Drive app for Chrome required to copy the formulas.

Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios
Week 1 Tier List

All I’d like to say right now is that I don’t think Lobo is as low-tier as some people might claim. He seems to have a whole bunch of tools and neat tricks people are sleeping on


Yeah I also think Nightwing should among the highest tier in the game.

He does have weakness against people who could attack from the sky alot and be safe but there not many of those.

Still think Bane and Grundy could never be A tier with such good zoning characters.


The matchups are deep in this game; it’s going to be hard to find people who can describe all of their own character’s matchups accurately, let alone other characters.

Also, how bad do you guys think the worst matchups in the game are? 7-3? 8-2? Personally, I think the worst matchup in the game is Batgirl v Aquaman 2-8, but there are probably some other really bad ones.


batgirl vs aquaman is 2-8? i call shenanigans, harley definitely has a harder time with aquaman than batgirl does and us harley players consider that 7-3

i think the worst match-up might be bane vs superman, that match-up is straight up dumb


Aquaman’s trait completely nullifies Batgirl’s vortex, which is her greatest asset, and he’s one of the only characters in the cast who can punish her overhead on block, which means she can’t mix him up effectively. Every mixup attempt results in, at best, a trait activation or 26% damage, while a failed overhead leads to Aquaman dealing 30% guaranteed. On top of that, she already has an extremely hard time against characters with better+faster pokes than her, and Aquaman falls into that category. She can’t win at full screen or up close. She can’t jump. She can’t do anything.

Batgirl and Harley are both vortex characters, but the difference is that Harley can actually deal damage to Aquaman at full screen, and her normals and jump-ins don’t suck. Batgirl is a much more dedicated vortex character with a more linear toolset, and as such, the weaknesses in the matchup are exacerbated. You’re delusional if you think Harley has a harder time, Batgirl has no advantage over her in the matchup aside from Smoke Bomb, which does no damage and leads to no vortex.


aquaman’s sheild nullifies what pathetic zoning attempts harley has and aquaman literally just crouches unless harley is in the air…

batgirl has a teleport at least to catch aquaman zoning, harley is fucked


Okay, first off.

No, his trait doesn’t nullify the vortex, not completely. You just have to adjust it like a Killer Frost player would. Instead of using the j2, 111 to get the advantage for the string, instead you just wait for the Bola to run out. Yeah, the damage won’t be great, but that’s only on one rep of Vortex. You’ll have time to get another one or two reps in before the Trait reloads. As for fullscreen, Aquaman has to be careful. A blocked Trident is a free punish with Smoke Bomb. He doesn’t really LOSE at full screen, but he doesn’t win either. Whomever makes the first wrong mistake at full screen will get thrashed hard for it. It’s neutral there.

Batgirl loses that matchup, but it’s NOWHERE near 2-8, so get that shit out of your head now. It’s 4-6.

Next, Harley is NOT a Vortex character. Not even close. She’s actually extremely easy to block short of ambiguous crossups which have one specific setup. Harley is a jack of all traits, and isn’t that great at doing that either. And in that matchup, Aquaman has it easier at full screen. He doesn’t get torched if his Trident is blocked. Harley does nothing threatening at that distance. Aquaman doesn’t have to fear shit until she’s in Silly Slide xx TS range. And once she’s in, then what? All she has are lows, her OH’s are not threatening in least and any jump is asking for hell.

Honestly, I’m one to agree that Harley actually does worse in this matchup. And a note, I play both characters.


harley’s my main, it’s a god awful match-up for her, the instant i see an aquaman player use his water sheild i’m like, “welp…another loss for me”

if harley actually had an overhead worth a damn, this match-up wouldn’t be so bad but no, she has quite possibly the worst high-low mix-up in the game (well, forget the highs…she only has lows…


although i think harley actually does pretty well against killer frost


There needs to be some sense of perspective. If Batgirl/Aquaman is 2-8 then what the hell is Superman/Joker?


It isn’t 2-8 so don’t worry about it.

There are no 2-8 matchups in this game…at least not since they made Cyborg’s Air Nova Blast a High instead of a Mid.


batgirl-aquaman is not 2-8, her teleport alone makes it way better than that

i don’t think there’s a match-up worse than 7-3 in the game, maybe bane against batman or superman (seriously…those are bad)


My only question was, how bad are the worst matchups in the game. I can’t really say whether Batgirl-Aquaman or any other matchup is 2-8, nor did I, but it is certainly among the worst matchups in the game. @Saitsu, your comments lead me to believe you have a very limited understanding of the character, but since I know you won’t change your mind I’m not going to bother arguing. Anyway, I just wanted to gauge what people’s baseline is for this game’s worst matchups. I’m fine with believing nothing is worse than 3-7.


pretty sure you said batgirl-aquaman is 8-2 in aqua’s favor

the only character i could see having anything worse than a 7-3 match-up is bane against superman/aquaman


If you have a better understanding then please, step up to the plate.

Show me why this matchup is as bad as you say it is other than the fact that he wins up close.


I said Batgirl-Aquaman is one of the worst matchups in the game, if not the absolute worst, and personally I would put it as 2-8. But if the general consensus is that 2-8’s don’t exist in this game, I’m fine with that. You need a baseline for matchup charts, and that baseline differs from game to game. As for Bane, I’ve never played him, so I can’t really comment on his matchups.


While on the subject. Anyone want to chime in on how stages affect the matchups? How much do they swing the matchup in a characters favor (+1, +2, etc.)?


Really depends on the matchups themselves.

Supes and GL on Metropolis Rooftop can be even harder to deal with than usual. The patented Deathstroke on Ferris (FAris) Aircraft is a pain in the ass.


Personally, I think stages only affect match-ups if the characters are in different categories. For example, a Power character vs an Acrobatic character on a stage with many/respawning throwable IOs. The match-up shifts to favor the Power character… In most cases.


Not completely though. A Power character who can control space tends to do better against those who can’t when it comes to IOs.