The NEW Official Xbox® Thread: $399 system without Kinect coming in June

It’s obvious that the Xbox One in its original state was specifically marketed to primarily cater to the brodude/casual group and try to be a half assed Steam console. They figured they could grab up casual customers quick and then pad on the hardcore later. Didn’t work out. Yet…the majority of games I play these days are digital and pretty much mostly play them at the house or someone else’s place where there’s an internet connection. Which means I only really saw benefits from such, but for those that don’t have an online connection or would like to have a physical disc that they can trade traditionally, left them out in the boat. Which it’s obvious there’s still a large portion of gamers who want to keep things traditional.

I was afraid the Xbox One after the 180 would pretty much have no real identity and just be a PS4 with less stuff, but it looks like they’re still holding onto the unique stuff while making it more consumer friendly. Microsoft was pretty good at bringing in innovation throughout the years for consoles and it seems they went too far with the innovation without thinking about the customer enough. The newer take on the system should allow innovation with a much less expense to the average consumer which should help them get past the launch struggles.

This will be the new thread to update things about Microsoft’s Xbox. Specifically the Xbox One as that is the new system and looks to have more of an emphasis towards exclusives than the 360 ever did. People say the specs for the PS4 are clearly better, but I feel it will come more down to how people utilize the different tools in each system than looking at the raw numbers. Like the difference between cars and such. Look forward to another 3 system race where innovation is pushed (without fucking up the customer).

EXCLUSIVES, KINECT, ALL IN ONE and how it works for you.

Coming up to the launch. Most of the people on SRK getting this are obviously getting this for KI. Others may be getting it for Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Crimson Dragon or one of the multiplats. Whichever it is it looks like the Xbox One is set to do well past the nay saying and might even put fighting games on the map in a new, fresh way. Titanfall is coming in the near future and set to be the “CoD killer”. Available only on Xboxes and PC.

The CoD Killer

Kinect 2

The Dashboard/All in One

11/13 Microsoft and Capcom join forces to make the gaming public, more salty.

Nov 3rd:

Been confirmed that the Day One XBL/Shadow Jago cards are now being sold at multiple retailers. Reports are out that if you buy one at Best Buy, they give you a code for 20 dollars Microsoft Credit on your receipt.

**The hyped (well most of em) Microsoft Xbox One exclusives. What’s your take? The NEW Official Xbox® Thread: $399 system without Kinect coming in June
Xbox One features and specs wiki

Xbox One games/exclusives wiki chart.

Keep up on this to make a better decision about the One’s launch and future game and exclusive game line up to make the best buying decision for yourself.

Adam Sessler interviews product planning director Albert Penello. Breaks down what Microsoft is trying to do much more clearly than the PR suit men at E3.

Xbox One launch date set.

Gonna hold out till next summer

Day One, right here. Paid the motherfucker off last week. KI and BF4, Baybee.

honestly. Excited to move into some new console action. Always had a 360 this gen. Glad MS backpedaled faster than E.T. on rewind. Cause I love me some Halos.

Titanfall and Destiny have me extremely excited.

Is there any places that still taking pre-orders? Might get either NBA2k14, BF4 or that Roman game

Looks like Bundles are still up for pre-order online. Thats about it, to my knowledge. I know Wal-Mart was taking them in-store a while back. At this point I think you’d have to go to stores and ask…Might be more open up during TGS.(Slammed my jam during Gamescomm) Titanfall hype confirmed to be there.

Walmart, its where I got mine. Several places got more units allocated last week like Wednesday or Thursday…Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, etc.

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5 people on srk buying an xbo…

still far too many.

Some Best Buy stores got extra Day Ones. I got one of the 7 left at my Best Buy.

Xbox180 will sell to only the most hard up fan boys. Apart from that its going to die just as its insane marketing department dictates.

@crucades, is it so far fetched to suppose that some people may prefer the exclusives on the Xbox One? I’ve been waiting for a sequel to Killer Instinct for a long time and it looks like one of the first fighting games other than Skullgirls where the fighting game community is really deeply involved in the development of the game. I’ll pay whatever for that. Titanfall might actually get me to check out a FPS again after like 8 years and Crimson Dragon is a sequel to another one of my old favorite games. The other stuff I’m interested in will most likely be dual platform any way.

The other stuff is just people trying to force an anti Microsoft agenda when the system is clearly on its way to being part of the 3 system race we already knew from last gen. Their PR people have been terrible, but if Albert Penello is any indication they’re working on getting better people to get the message out for the system. They needed to create innovation without burdening the consumer which they’re working on now. Xbox is going to sell and stay into the next gen. You’d be blind to think an established company would be doing anything different.

The Xbox One Exclusives…which are you feeling for your next gen Xbox? Microsoft says the have the better exclusives too. What you think?

Personally I’m going to be playing Killer Instinct 95 percent of the time because, Killer Instinct. I will say that as an old enough school gamer Crimson Dragon is really peaking my interest since I also bought a Sega Saturn before a Playstation and love Panzer Dragoon. Played the hell out of Xbox Original Orta also.

D4, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall are all exclusives I’ll have on my mind if I somehow pull myself away from Killer Instinct.

Crimson Dragon


Dead Rising 3

Fable Legends

Fantasia: Music Evolved (also available on 360)

The Fighter Within

Forza 5

Halo 5

Killer Instinct

Kinect Sports Rivals

Lococycle (also on 360)

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (also on 360)

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Project Spark (also on 360)

Quantum Break

Ryse: Son of Rome

Sunset Overdrive

Titanfall (also on 360 and PC, rumors of PS4 release but nothing official)

Zoo Tycoon (also on 360)

I wish Bestlies would give me my rewardzone points already so i can pre-order my Xbox1. Decided to go with BF4 instead of the Roman game. Will also pick up Killer Instinct & 2 arcade sticks.

Got my $100rewards finally, just place a pre-order…

Any info on arcade sticks or pcbs available for the x1?

Lol @ Bestlies

Not sure about that Ryse game either. It looks nice,but never was a huge fan of that Roman ficticious stuff. I guess the big thing is that its one of the few One exclusives that will be available at launch. As far as launch exclusives go probably just gonna do KI and choose between DR3 or Forza 5 as just something else to mess around with. If Crimson Dragon is day one then ill get that also. If not, ill wait till it is and then go after Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive.

Rcaido, I remember you liking the system even during the DRM days. This definitely looks to be the more innovative system and I’m all about funny gadgets and such (as long as you can still play traditionally which MS has done). I really see digital as the future of gaming and for a system that’s focusing a lot on stuff outside of gaming, between KI and the rest of the exclusives this definitely has a more interesting line up for me. Being an old school gamer most of the games I play will probably be the digital ones any way.

As far as sticks, Mad Catz still hasn’t set a release date for their TE2 and no word yet on PCBs. I would imagine the TE2 would release before launch though.

To be honest, most of the games I am looking forward to. Are Multiplatform (Watch_Dogs, FFXV, The Evil Within, Child of Light, BF4, The Division, Titanfall, Destiny, KH3) but the few Xbox exclusives pushed me more towards the MS side, Only after they went back on those policies. Im always down for a new Halo, hopefully 5 will be better in the MP department…hearing on the twitter, bringing in alot of competitive folks and talent to help with H5’s MP. I would say I’m down for a new Gears, but Judgment really stepped on my toes…Titanfall will probably take its spot for me. Looking forward to Killer Instinct, hoping it will break me out of my FG…break? Just haven’t been feeling FGs for a bit. Hope KI is fun enough to get me back in the fight(it sure looks fun :smiley: ) Need that TE2, markman! lol.

Also. Dedicated Servers are a pretty cool thing too.

Of course, all of this may become moot it Destiny lives up to what its promising to be…May be, my next big obsession.

I know, not at launch but later on. We’ll be able to plug in External HDDs to the console…hopefully this means I can use the entire storage space this time. And honestly, I hope they get more aggressive with digital sales in terms of deals, bundles, and pre-ordering…omg. Titanfall at 12:01am. No Lines? No Drive home? That’d be hella nice

Whatever happened to Destiny? Everyone was talking about it and Titanfall and now everyone only talks about Titanfall. Poor Bungie.

Well. Bungie has been very hush hush on the game really. Titanfall has been showing up in more recent news and events. Playable at PAX and upcoming TGS, if I remember right. It’s made by the main guys who were let go of the Infinity Ward team, after MW2 released. Dunno if it’ll be a “COD KILLER” so to speak. But it has a good shot, imo.

Destiny probably won’t drop til holiday time, next year. As it gets closer to release, you’ll see more hype over that game cause new footage will surface. That and Titanfall should have already dropped and done whatever its going to do in terms of post release hype and sales.

All I know is that as far as Exclusives go, im pretty sure Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Forza 4 and Crimson Dragon are going to be available on day one launch.

Which is why im going with the XB1 at launch. What does PS4 have to entice me? Knack?

My wife called me last nyte because TRU got more reservations for the XBOne - she thought I had gotten a PS4 reservation this past weekend. So I told her that while I want both systems eventually, the PS launch line-up is forgettable, and frankly, the system won’t pick up any real steam - for myself at least - until deep into 2014, so why stress myself financially before the holidays for a console that currently doesn’t have any games I want to play?

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Yeah I pretty much only bought this system for KI, but I realized after last gen that I should probably try out some shit other than fighting games (which have pretty much all been multiplat up until KI). Although a One only Killer Instinct may struggle for tourney entrants early, it will most likely do well in the Xbox Live marketplace and can build as more people get confortable with the One and the price drops.

I heard people really hyping up Sony’s PS3 exclusive line up, but so far that robust PS3 exclusive line up isn’t really translating to much on the PS4 so far. Not really going to make a big deal about multiplats and Titanfall for now is a maybe at best for hitting the PS4 anytime in the next year or so. Not surprisingly Titanfall is also the only FPS that has me interested enough to actually try FPS’ again after like 5 + years. The whole mech element and the running on the wall element reminds me of some of my older FPS favorites like Shogo and Unreal Tournament.

Destiny seems interesting, but some think it’s just going to be weak Borderlands. Haven’t cared for Halo since Halo 2, but hopefully they spice up Halo 5 enough that I’ll actually take a look at it.

Long story short I’m fucking TIRED AS HELL of FPS’ and hoping stuff like Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive bring unique single and multiplayer experiences. I’d like to see something else non FPS other than Killer Instinct and Madden take ground in eSports and just a new single player experience in general.

Yeah the day one launch and near future exclusives look better on the Xbox One so far. If I’m getting a new system I should be looking forward to unique, exclusive options and Xbox seems better in that respect. Plus giving us more innovation in the console itself while not sacrificing what people normally want to do with a system. Maybe Xbox won’t get Metal Gear Solid, but I haven’t really cared for that since the first one any way. Looking forward to more different stuff.

If I don’t buy anything else Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon are sure buys on the first day. Especially since I won’t even have to get off my ass to buy them The only disc game I’m looking at day one is between Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3. If I don’t feel like doing either I’ll just wait for price drops. . Then whichever comes out first between Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive.