The New Omaha, NE Thread - Now we're better than Ryu's U2!

The other thread is wack.

Carry on, beef eaters, and SF4 Scrubs. :wonder:

got a 360. if anyone wants practice my tag is dreamvision602

^I don’t but maybe in the future.

@ Mel,

that was me downtown. you was lookin like you were “runnin’” again.

you better not have been, lol.

I mentioned this in the other thread but if anyone wants to have a gathering at my place when BlazBlu drops let me know and I can make it happen. I am down for some any pre-evo training too in SFIV or STHD. I don’t play or care about 3S anymore so. eh…

I feel sorry for you guys.

Im totally maxxin’ out over here and you guys are just a bunch of lames…

Yo whats up guys, I’ve got a used PS3 MadCatz TE that I would like to sell locally for 150$. I used it for about a month. I have more ps2 fighters than ps3 and plus I’ve got two SFAC sticks and a custom with Cthulhu’s that work with all my games. Hit me up if interested.

LOL yeah i was almost late to work

Also glad to see you doing my request.

O And now i got a asus g71g. but i got like computers already

who the hell is in your av shatta?

it’s a SRK named maxx.

it’s from this:

also, Stu Booty, Mel, and Cam yaw need to stop sleepin on me with my NI shirts.

Im about to have the shirts done by the end of next week.

So are you going to devestation this year??? Same with bishop are u gonna to devestation???

no but my life is in it’s on version of devastation.

EVO is a possiblity.

My gf wants us to go…

Next weekend, Chun brings the pain! Be there!

Also, I’ll be drifting over to lose on the 3s machine

Anyone down for some guilty gear ac???

I think it’s all about BB [BlazBlue] now, and that ninja Bang. [not really, it’s Carl and V-12]

FFC betta snatch that shit up.

I’m all over V-13: SWARDS!!11

And noel, and haku, and pretty much the whole game.

What are we all playing on? 360 personally

lol, I said “V-12”

should have gotten a V8, I guess.

sips mtnDew

How much for the shirt again? I need to buy it before evo.

I hate the ‘mtn’

30 flat.

I do too, but that was all I could drink at the time.

dat new cherry 7up is top tier.

i know this is kinda late but i have been crazy busy. if anyone hasnt got a place to stay while here for devastation hit me up.