The New Omaha, NE Thread - Now we're better than Ryu's U2!

check your pm

who are you ppl lol…buckner do you know these guys??

im danny

I don’t them either XD ,but you probably wondering the same about me… Btw I got a new ps3/pc joystick if anyone wants to play some fighting games I’m down…

im a seasonal omaha’er

yeah . also were are you right now at sf4 in devestation ??? are you in the winners or losers

Thurs night throwdown

Alright, me and a couple of friends have been getting together on Thurs nights to play some casual SF4, Omaha talent is more than welcome.
If your interested in some trash talking Street Fighter 4 madness, then just send me an email at and I can hit you up with directions and so forth.
Right now there are about 6 of us, and we play on a 50 inch plasma on both PS3 and 360.

sounds like bro rape to me.

SF4 = bait
50 inch plasma screen = trap
360 = Axe deodorant
PS3 = Big, black dildo soaked in Axe deodorant

ugh, no thankx, bro. no thankx…

nah… I dont need all that axe and stuff.
If I want bro rape, Ill just ask your sexxy ass over instead

LOL. bishop your wasting your talent as a comedian.
when are you going on tour

Alright, I’ve suggested this to FFC once or twice, but I wanna know: If we took the xbox housing that shitty Mortal Kombat v DC game, hook up some sticks and buttons, and put SSF2THDR and Garou: MotW on it, would it get some playtime? I love both these games that are currently on Xbox Live Arcade, and would definitely sink some tokens into it if there was someone to play with. If there’s some interest, we should really push the Center for a dedicated XBLA fighter setup.

i would play HDR and Garou inbetween matches of sf4 at ffc all the damn time if they had those up, the question is whether or not anyone else would ever touch them

^this would fail due to “Vatos” love SNK[KOF] games and they usually (the ones in Omaha anyway) play too fuckin hard on the sticks. that shyt would only last a month before both sticks would be utterly destroyed.

One of the reasons why there’s no Marvel cab.

Kids and random dumb asses will screw all of that up eventually.

A TvsC cab wouldn’t last either.

FFC might have a better chance with BB because that game is not noob friendly and not too appealing to the people I described earlier.

If someone could actually convince somebody there at FFC to get MOTW then more powa to ya, but keep in mind of what I’m telling you.

^^ that stuff applies to any machine up there in that row…its almost every week or two one machine is down or both have random stuff not working on them.


now you know why.

Hey fellas, greetings from KC. We’re neighbors, so I figured I’d extend an invite to another one of our tournaments:

MAX OUT in KC, Saturday, July 11th

It’d be good to see some NE heads.

Talked to a manager, he said he’ld suggest the two titles since they’re easy enough to get online. Although, apparently the MK v DC setup is out due to technical issues, not suckage, and that apparently it had good numbers when it was working.

Who knows now?

Welcome to an arcade? This isn’t some mystical occurrence that happens just at FFC.
Do you honestly expect cabs that are played often to be in top condition 24/7? If so, you’re retarded.

People will always play MK games. No matter how shitty they are.

^^ up arrows FTW

im surprised that the mk cab had any play on it…that game belongs in that garbage can

edit: just read that up there, chill out its called a tech that does upkeep something ffc seems to be lacking since i’ve been going there. no need to start trading words over it.


@ Stu,

back in the late 90’s and early 00’s FFC had like three guys that use to walk around to see if the cabs were working and if one of us complained about it they would try to fix the shit on spot. no patching. fixing.

I believe only one of those guys still works there but he not there very often. that shyt has been that way for YEEEEAAAARRRRSSSS.

FFC had tons of fighters up there but people kept tearing them up and didn’t pay the guys enough to continue to fix the machines. instead of actually fixing them they would just put them in storage or sold them to The Tilt, whatever.