The New Real Bout Collection Thread Version 1.0

This thread is about Real Bout 1, RBS, and RB2. Now obviously you can find RB2 info in the thread in FGD by Ghostpilot, so I’m not gonna delve into that too much. But I am gonna talk about RB1 and RBS.

RBS US Top Tier:

God Tier and Banned:

Nightmare Geese

Billy/EX, Sokaku, Duck King, EX Blue Mary

Mai, EX Andy Bogard, Yamazaki, Kim

The rest of the Cast (Serious!)

Bottom Tier (Which is still like C in this game)
Tung/EX, Cheng

sokaku… my favorite character from rb… i only really liked rb2… cause i felt it was better and it had rick…! but these were fun still… and seriously ya i felt like the whole cast owned… lol at cheng, hon-fu, bob & franko…

I personally compare RB2 to KOFXII…an unfinished game… and if you play the others alot you’ll see what I’m talking about… What they need to do is make a Real Bout complete game, with features from all 3 Real Bouts…that’d b a complete game I’d be into playing.

I’d also put Cheng in bottom tier in RBS…Cheng and Tung are almost in bottom tier in every game they are in.

Duck top in RBS? Could you explain why? I don’t know much about RBS, I’m more into RB1 and 2, but I always play Duck so I’m interested.

Duck has many many options in RBS:
-safe cannonballs
-Frame advantage on normals
-Good damage
-Easy crossup options
-Many many mixups
-OTG works off throw, Break Spiral, qcb+b and other things
-The people in S+ have the most options IMO and Duck has a lot of options just like EX Mary, Sokaku, Billy,

He’s basically KOFXI Duck Lite… If you play Duck how you do in RB1 you’ll find out he has a lot of the same things still and is played the same way…

if you play on 2df ill show you why hes too good

Yesterday I was playing 02 in some arcades in my city, so when I was waiting my turn I played RB2 in this multigame machine and I lost to the second character twice even with my Mai :xeye:

Damn my level went down some much :bluu:

No offense but WTF are you smoking saying RB2 is an incomplete/unfinished game?

Everytime I play RBS, I can’t help but feel it needs numerous tweaks in the combo system at least and maybe a few fixes here and there.

when you gonna fight me

Maybe it’s because RB2 nerfed alot of stuff from the earlier games so alot of strings, combos, strats feel halfassed or gimped. That’s how I see RB2 anyhow. I prefer RBS over RB2.

RB2 feels incomplete/unfinished to me…

The good parts of RB2 to me:
1- The tech rolling does not cost meter
2- Feint cancelling is natural and feels good in the game
3- The walls I’m 50/50 on. They add strategy to the game in RBS/RB1, but at the same time I can see some people getting angry with the instant dizzies. It’s still far better than instant Ring Out.

I feel it’s like KOFXII to a degree and it’s my personal opinion that a few others like DeadlyRaveNeo, Persona and ShinBlanka share, why is this:

  1. Look at the nerfings of particular characters in the game from RBS to RB2. Most of the people got nerfed but they did not replace them with anything. If you are going to nerf someone at least give them something that they can replace it with that’s useful. I mean the nerfings are severe enough to where they warrant replacing them with something at least. I am also in favor of not really nerfing players all the way, but just beefing up the others.

I personally do not agree with stripping everyone of almost anything of value and barely replacing it with anything. Thus because of this the game feels unfinished, when you compare the versions of Mai, Laurence, Sokaku, Billy, Bash, Mary, Kim and quite a few other characters you will see that they yes they were severely nerfed, but they weren’t given anything substantial to replace the nerfing. I don’t mean giving them something broken, but at least something that can prove to be useful to them. From what I have heard from the Guilty Gear crew, it’s like comparing GGXX Reload (RBS) to Slash (RB2). RB1 would be GGXX OG where Geese=Eddie. :rofl:

It’s like KOFXII where the characters only have 1-3 moves or so, where they’ve been stripped of their older moves, RB2 feels like that in comparison to RBS, thus once again it feels unfinished. It feels as if had they finished the game (Which SNKp did state that RB2 was a rushed game BTW) the characters would’ve gained enough to warrant what they lost. So I really only consider RB2 to be RBS 1.5.

Also while RB2 is a well balanced game, the difference between the classes of groups is more predominant than in RBS. In RBS it falls into pretty much 3 Classes:

S, A and Bottom Tier, with that being arguable B/C. Most of the cast in RBS resides in A Class.

This…Persona put it best right here.

Dunno, I main Duck in RB1 and especially RB2, and I just don’t see what makes him be on Billy’s or Sokaku’s level in RBS.

He doesn’t seem to have RB1 Duck’s offensive power (air ball doesn’t let you combo afterwards, doesn’t have his godly RB1 air C crossup, lower damage output -althought to be fair, pretty much everyone does more damage in RB1-…), air ball not as safe on block, C ball nowhere near as safe as in RB1, dp + B not as good of an antiair…

And he isn’t the defensive beast he’s in RB2 either mainly due to the absence of AB attacks, A ball much slower (A ball is the best breakshot in RB2 IMO), doesn’t have as many setups for Break Spiral, air d,d doesn’t give meter, no A, B slide, IIRC he doesn’t have the non crossup slide, and Break Spiral is such a powerful move in RB2, he becomes Blanka + T.Hawk with it, really scary.

Only things I’ve found to be better in RBS Duck are his overhead (the fastest it’s ever been in a RB) and his lineshift special. Otherwise he seems to be worse than his other two RB incarnations.

As for RB2 being an “incomplete” game… I think that’s a bit harsh. Yeah they unnecessarily removed specials and its presentation isn’t as good as the other 2 RBs, but I think it’s a great, solid game regardless. And it finally got the lineshift system right (it was bad and mostly used to set up unblockables in RB1 and too good in Special IMO; RB2 made it useful but not overly relevant). Comparing it to a plainly bad game like KOF XII is not fair IMO.

DeadlyRave-Neo: I used to play in 2df as Gargamuza, I think we played in RB2 a few times. I don’t have internet at home right now but I’ll probably be able to play this weekend.

I say Duck King is slightly below Billy and Sokaku, so if people wanted to narrow the S Class to a “three” (And unforunately many of us Americans love to get tunnel vision and see a BIG THREE) the Big three would be:

  1. Billy 2. Sokaku 3. Duck King

I believe Duck King is better than EX Mary though she’s an EXCELLENT counter to Duck King. Duck King has more options than EX Mary or the rest of the S Class excluding Billy and Sokaku.

Yes RB1 Duck is better than RBS Duck, but overall you could say most the characters are better in RB1 than RBS even. (I say Mai is better in RBS).

The reason I used KOFXII as an example to describe RB2 is because it’s something that would make sense to people…they’d understand it from that aspect in regards to the lack of specials/combo strings/combo ability even if they aren’t experts in the RB series…they’d understand what I’m talking about so that’d prevent having to go further into the debate.


I don’t think nerfing (which I understand means powering down a character) is synonymous with removing specials. Some characters got better even though they lost some moves.

And as for most characters being worse in RB2, Sokaku may not be as godly as in RBS but he DOES have things he can’t do in other games, mainly his devastating corner game thanks to his infinite, being able to do a pursuit after a 360, etc. Duck got all the stuff I’ve mentioned, Bob is significantly better IMO, Bash is hella good too, Kim is still really good even though he’s more of a defensive character, Chonshu is much better, etc.

And if you think the low tiers in RB2, you should see my fellow pablox use low tier Tung… you can see his matches on 2df. And let’s not forget Malfreds’ Mai either. Though I agree Lawrence is horrible in RB2 compared to Special.

Personally, I prefer RB1’s combo system over all the RB combo systems. RB1 needs more attention, many players shun it due to its ring out system but it’s such a fun, violent game. It’s like ST meets Marvel or something.

  1. The nerfing for me depends on the character overall, their previous tier ranking etc. You can change a characters style and they can still be good…(See Duo Lon in KOFXI vs. 2003, where he was severely nerfed different style, but as Leader he’s still top tier). However the system was nerfed in general with the combo system, with some characters having few options already in that regard, and now having even less due to the nerfing of the combo system in general.

  2. Agreed.

  3. I know the low tiers can compete in RB2, as I said its a well balanced game and it’s a solid game, just not my cup of tea. I just can’t get into it like some prefer Reload to Slash. They need to make a RB Complete game, like GG did with Accent Core, and take the best things out of each game and make a complete game.

  4. I like RB1 quite a bit personally…

Matter of fact here are some RB1 matches from 12-01-10:


Personally I like how not everyone is a combo machine in RB2, some characters are still really crazy in that regard (Rick for example) but there’s more diversity in strategy. And I think feint cancelling makes up for toning down the chains and adds more skill to comboing. That’s how I see it at least.

Even though I can see why you feel it’s an incomplete game, I think it’s not a more limited game than the other RBs, it just isn’t as combo focused as the rest.

Anyways, we won’t agree about this so let’s just focus on the games themselves. I think RB2 Duck is really underappreciated, dude is a defensive beast and really scary once he’s on red life. Most players think he’s mid tier at best, but I think he’s just below the S tier. Best breakshot, best AB, best Super, A ball stupidly safe and fast, 1000 setups for breakspiral, great normals, kara-cancellable stand C (not as godly as Geese’s kara but still really powerful). Anyone else agree?

Also, is there a tier list for RB1? Franco S tier for sure.

The last tier list I can recall in RB1 had Geese, Kim, Sokaku, Bash, Duck King in top tier. The only thing clear was that Geese is #1. I’m currently doing more research into it…

It also had Yamazaki in S provided you could master his infinite etc. Andy was also in S- with the combination of EX + regular from RBS and his S power/In the red infinite.

So it looks like this:


  1. Geese…

Then Kim, Sokaku, Franco Bash, Duck King

Yamazaki, Andy


The rest I have to do further research on.

**EDIT: **RBS matches between me and MightyMar on 12-01-09 featuring the EX Characters:


Did anyone ever type up those Neo Geo Freak RB character statistics? If not, I can type it up for RBS and RB2. The character statistics go along the lines of:


It’s not a tier list but if gives the idea on what to expect if you’re using that character.

If it’s not too much to ask we’d appreciate it, but if you can’t we completely understand.