The new s.a.3 unblockable question?

the only thing i know is when you activate the super and your opponents knocked out… dive kick>crouching lk>UOH-- then the combo… it will land because of the mulyiple hits…

is there any other unblockable for yang???

Is this an official unblockable that has been tested?

Anyway, the other one which is only a semi-unblockable is:

Downed opponent>Activate>Crossup Dive>Cr.Strong(this low and the high shadows of the dive are what does it)>Cr.Roundhouse>repeat.

Ugg. This is what I was talking about.


so its really unblockable? is it possible that u can parry all of the hits?? pretty confused…:confused:

It is not actually unblockable. You can parry all the hits if they cross you up, but it’s pretty tough (I know it’s possible because frankie3s did it to me. Parried the hits and threw me).

so you need to parry the crossover then parry the ground attack then grab(must grab fast enough).

this right?:lol:

Uh you can block the shadows low or high I am pretty sure. You also can block them without facing them I thought. Just block like you would if you were just trying to block Yang, I am pretty sure this alows you to block the shadows. I am not positive but I am sure once thong boy gets over his disgust he may repost to confirm or deny what I posted.

Pretty much. Just block toward “real” Yang and everything will be fine.

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people need to stop dewiling on that lame shit and focus on the mantis combos anyhow…real combo damage =)