The new SF4 cool words



So, your not a pro in SF 4 anymore if you dont call certain characters

the cool guy names?

Vega= Claw
Balrog = boxer

I mean what are we going to call someone next?

Sagat= Eye patch
Honda= fattie?


The claw, boxer and dictator notations are just to differentiate the US/Europe and Japan/Asia names. I.E. Vega in japan is M.Bison (dictator) in the US/europe… Balrog/M.Bison, Gouki/Akuma etc you get the idea.


The terms for Claw/Dictator/Boxer has been used for years to prevent the conflict of names from people in the East and West. Much easier to handle, whether you’re playing an import version or not.


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Vega in US is JP’s Balrog and Us M Bison is JP’s Vega and US Balrog is JP’s Bison.

or something like that


is there any reason for that naming? it would be ok for me if they used diferent names … but the same just mixed up… wtf?


I’m guessing it was because a boxer named M.Bison sounds similar to Mike Tyson and back in the day it seemed easier to just change the character name pointer than it was to come up with a completely new name.


So this is what its come to eh?


There are seriously still people in the world who don’t know about the differently named characters? Everybody I know has known this since the days of SFII:WW.

Boxer is M. Bison in Japan as a reference to Mike Tyson. In America they changed it around so as to avoid any potential legal difficulties. So they gave him ‘Balrog’ instead, I suppose because it just seemed to fit. Then they gave Balrog (Claw) the name ‘Vega’ because, well, it’s a Spanish name so it makes more sense that way anyway. That left Dictator to be given the name Bison.

The Boxer / Claw / Dictator names are to avoid confusion, and predate SFIV by a long way.

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so you guys seriously are saying

if a tournament results says

FIRST place: Joe Blow (Vega)
SECOND place: Jim BoB (Bison)
THIRD place: John Doe (Balrog)

you guys are saying you will be confused as to who is who…

I find that hard to believe


Let me spell it out for you.

In the west that would be.

First place:Claw
Second Place:Dictator
Third Place:Boxer.

In the east it would be read as:

First place: Dictator
Second Place:Boxer
Third Place:Claw.

Now do you see why they use thoose names ?


This is a joke right.


Err I think you meant to say:

"In the west that would be.

First place:Vega
Second Place:Bison
Third Place:Balrog.

In the east it would be read as:

First place: Balrog
Second Place:Vega
Third Place:Bison."

The characters have different names so a universal term was applied to each of the characters.

For example Vega (East) = Bison (West) so the both sides call it Dictator so they both know what character they’re talking about because if a east player say “yeah vega is awesome” a west player may assume he’s talking about our vega which is claw, when really he’s talking about dictator. So both sides have the one term for for vega(east) and bison(west) and that is Dictator so neither side uses the names anymore since it would get confusing as fuck.

The same thing applies to boxer and claw.


See !
It even confuses me !


Learn a bit of sf history, a bit of [ irony ]grammers[ /irony ], think a bit, try again.


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Well M.Bisons Name i Mike Bison. How do threads like this end up in the xbox live forum. oooh wait I know


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this should be in the SFIV section not the xbl lol…

only hardcore shadowloo members get to have cool word names.
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sagat = pirate
ryu = hobo
ken = blondie
cammy = cheeks
blanka = beast
gouken = old man
gen = dying old man

alot of ppl travel across seas to participate in tourneys so it is needed for names like claw,boxer,dictator especially for characters like claw,boxer,dictator