The 'new" Shipment of SE Sticks

Does anyone know if the new shipment of SE sticks still have the washer problem? I want to know am I going to have to open my stick open day 1 and take care of the problem? Or has it been fixed?

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I was wondering if any has expericened it, first hand recently? BTW can I fuck you in the ass?

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Apparently its hit and miss, some people claim to have the same problem and others say it’s fixed. If you do have the problem you would probably know within the first couple of days.

I’m a bit worried, that by the time I know the damage may be too bad to be repaired.

Do you think I should take a chance and wait, or open it up (void the warranty I geuss) and try to fix the problem if there is one.

If I wait I’m geuss I’ll know before the damage is bad huh? Hopefully.

Looks like it only damages the joystick’s board, so if you really tore it up and for whatever reason didn’t want Madcatz to fix it, you could always just buy a new joystick.

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i was worried too so i just opened mine up and luckily (and unluckily because i wanted to get the JLF stick anyway), my washer wasn’t loose. So…if i were you, i’d just open it, void the warranty, if the washer is fine, yay if not get a new stick and some sanwa or seimetsu buttons while your at it =]

I think I’ll go that route, since in the end I plan on switching it all for Sanwa and seimetsu parts anyway…just not sure how long it maybe before I can.

How is your stick doin now?

Washer problems fixed with new SE Mad Catz sticks
Several people have reported that their new Standard Edition Mad Catz FightSticks are not experiencing the moving washer issue, although some are still getting joysticks that have that problem.

A little background, if the washer on the joystick moves, it can get out of place and your joystick will ‘catch’ a bit preventing completely unhindered movement. If you have experience with modding joysticks, the fix is simple. Open up your Mad Catz joystick and superglue the washer down (instructions). It sounds like newer models have resolved this issue, but since there’s still a few older models floating around that’s likely why you’re still seeing reports of it not being fixed.

Also Capcom and various other retail outlets are still filling back-orders on the Mad Catz sticks, and they’re expected to be doing so until some time this month. After all of the back orders have been sent out, the Capcom store and other places will be opening up both the Tournament Edition and Standard FightStick again for retail sales.

The goal is to get a Mad Catz stick in the hands of anyone and everyone who wants it. When sales open up again, you’ll see a news post here on the front page.

Also for those of you having recurring problems with buttons that randomly stop working, some players have also reported success with swapping out the breakway cable on the XBox 360. Although this doesn’t fix the issue, it did lessen the frequency of how often it came up.

The matter can also still be resolved by simply unplugging and plugging in the joystick again.

doing fine, sanwa buttons make a different but didn’t get the JLF yet since my washer isn’t moving. eventually, i’m going to just order it though.