The NEW South Korea thread: Looking for Matches? Head to Cong, Anyday but Monday!


Beta for SFV was really fun, the skill level difference was pretty bad. I think I played about 8 hours total and lost 6-7 matches, about 3 of them vs teleporting lag rashids. People still were doing bad habits from SF4. Once it’s out people will adjust better. I’m hoping capcom stops with some of these nerfs though.


Do you know if there is a gaming group facebook page or something? I haven’t been able to find anything for Osan.


The official korean fighting game community


Who ready for the beta? 17th-20th. People on base holla at me.


Me and Samson got games in yesterday. He has a good Chun we had a good long set. I think Chris is on base this weekend too.


Yeah. Samson is around here I forgot. I think he leaves soon? I can’t remember. I spent most of my weekend playing DDR at a game center nearby.


Yeah I think he has 6 months or so left. I just been getting ready for Monday. 2 hours of a PT smoke session. So excited.


Anything going down at arcade stream?


Jan 16th the Last USF4 tournament at arcadestream



How is the psn connection to Japan on Guilty Gear for you guys?

I’m getting widely different results - Very rarely 4, sometimes 3, mostly 2 and a few 1s and 0s.


Im not a kakao, lost my damn phone.


Anyone in the Daejeon area? Off topic but how does one find apartment info? Gonna be moving back this year and this time it’s gonna be permanent so need to find a nice place to live before heading out. Have no clue where to start. Is SF5 already dead there?


Sf5 is easily alive. Dunno about Daejeon vut we do have weeklies on Saturday here in Seoul. As far as finding apartments there’s apps like Dabang and Zigbang that you can look through.


Yo, trying to see if there are any tekken players around; thinking about playing again. At osan btw


I’ll be leaving on Nov 30th to Korea so hopefully I can meet some of you guys down there. I quit playing SF5 a long time ago but who knows I might pick it up again casually. Hopefully ps4 sticks are easy to find there and won’t cost me an arm and a leg lol.


I would suggest going through Laugh at for one of the Omnis, best stick on the market plus being shipped from within Korea.

Otherwise, might want to head into Seoul and visit one of the technomarts.


Anyone wanna help a scrub figure out how to play SF5? Would love to get online games with anyone in Korea/Japan. Finally found a place that had a stick a few days ago so just getting back into 5. I was quickly reminded why I quit this game months ago lol.


Eyh, I’ll be staying in Daegu for 10 months and I’m looking for arcades with anime games like blazblue and uniel (just basically anything but tekken and sf plz). Anybody knows of a good one ?


I doubt you’ll be able to find those games in the arcade. I’ve certainly never seen them on my travels. Tekken is everywhere.

I don’t know anything about Daegu specifically, but you’ll find a lot of matches online as the connection to Japan is quite good. If you ever make it to Seoul, Cong uses PS4s and plays a lot of Guilty Gear and some BlazBlue. Visited there on Saturday and the owner and players were quite cool. Directions courtesy of missing person -->