The new TE... europe?

well i know SDCC version is sold out, but i thought they where
going to realese a new version of TE? or did i get everythig wrong?

and does anyone know if we in europe will get these versions?
or new shippmendts? all i can read about is US status

we dont even have HRAP >_< and the TE is like 200$

There is the Asian version of the sticks that are all white and have a MadCatz label on them coming, but that’s about it for now.

Can’t help you on the price of the TE.

Blame import tariffs for the higher prices! Gaming is more expensive in Europe than Japan or the US because the Euro-governments want to protect their home industries and collect taxes for social entitlement programs (welfare) and whatever else they use tax money for.

That’s the way it is.

As for the HRAP, you’re going to tell me you don’t have import shops that carry these?

Regular retail shops generally don’t carry HRAPs – that’s true even in the US with mass-market vendors like GameStop, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart – but import game shops and do stock them or can at least order them.

I know that when I was looking for a certain HRAP (the white model) that at least one British import shop was stocking HRAP sticks.

Again, they do get marked up from American and Japanese prices but that’s the cost added in for shipping charges and importation duties. Nothing you can do about that unless you leave Europe or buy a used HRAP from a European-based friend willing to sell at a loss.