The New TN Thread: Fried Chicken and Tekken

TN home of Delicious Mojitos!

Tennessee Scenes

**The hub of the Nashville scene:**Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm

**The hub of the Memphis scene:**Gatherings take place every Wednesday from 7:00-10:00 PM at Hastings in Cordova.
Hastings is located at:
1245 N Germantown Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38016

**The hub of the Clarksville scene:**Every Wednesday from 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Play-N-Trade 1604 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37043
(Please bring your own controller)

Upcoming Tournaments!!!

Click thislink for details: MWC/SBO JAPANESE QUAL SUPER TURBO! JUN 24-26 Fri/Sat/Sun Nashville TN , SFAE,MVC3 MK9

Reposting from other thread:

I have a panasonic 42 inch plasma that has literally no lag. Some random insignia 22 inch I bought from the pawn shop which also doesn’t lag. A 46 inch LCD that doesn’t lag on 720p, lags like fuck on 1080p. And many… many many many HP monitors, all of which don’t lag.

Monitors don’t lag, but you want a TV and that’s problematic because the some of the new TVs with all their fancy schmancy gizmos are really sucky for gaming. Mostly due to image rescaling. Jason/Shawn would know more about the technical gobbledegook than me.

If you have a laptop I would try taking it and a VGA/HDMI cable with you to the electronics store and using this. Set the resolution of the television screen to whatever desired resolution you’ll be using with your console. Take a picture of both screens (in the same shot) with a digital camera with a relatively quick shutter speed.

Somebody let me know if I am giving bad advice, this is how I’ve been testing all my monitors/televisions.

Link to the lag test with .exe downloadable.

please someone host this weekend? Dax? Squab? Abe? Orel? Anthony? Jas? any body really

Or we could go to Ark instead

nah I dont really have the means this weekend I wanna game on the cheap

If you’re going to have that “link” to the SBO qualifier at MWC, you should at least take the 2 seconds to create a hyperlink from it.

give me one sec

The point behind waiting is what matters. Please don’t do it again.

Yessss the old account returns.

Ok so I am looking to host a cookout/gathering on Monday for the holiday starting at noon and going till like 8 or something. Games will be played all day and food provided. However, I need to know who plans to show up asap so I can get enough food and such.

I’m in.

Dream: When can you even use Ermac’s drop? I can’t think of a safe time to use it that will likely connect with the opponent.

I’ll be there.

Of course you know i’ll be there. it would not be a gathering with out me lol

Dorm gets raped by Wolverine. While Hulk’s AA assist is awesome, it’s hard to use it effectively against a Wolverine that runs up and spams cr.L. He’s so small, Hulk will completely miss.

Yeah, and punishing divekicks or tatsus with Hulk is hard enough to time offline. In fact, punishing anything is stupid online.

Your execution list looks pretty accurate. MODOK should be in high execution, since doing his 7-9 cube combos online is near impossible. Dorm could be in easy execution; he’s not that hard to use.

Holy crap I actually remember playing thisback in the day.

I will come…only provided you and T will make red kool-aid just for me!

There will be none of that shitty ass drink in my home unless you bring it yourself.

Will there be plenty of slaw?

Hey just checking in with everyone and catching up on threads…

Saw someone (apparently from Cookeville) last thread talking about getting some Cookevillains together to go to GG, keep me informed of that as well. Also, I want to get back in the loop of local Cookeville gatherings, maybe we could work on scheduling something regular.

Still playing SSF4 (Honda) and MK9 (Raiden & Kitana), plan on entering both in MWC…