The New TN Thread: Fried Chicken and Tekken

lol street fightan gaems, reminds me of back int he day when we were grabbing fireballs full screen with zangief 360. hoonooo

hmm… yun’s normal links are a lot tighter timing wise than Yang’s… kind of annoying >:|

buh… I cannot get this simple ass combo… about to call it quits for the night… I suck >_<

^ of course after I say that I start landing it. The timing for links in this game is actually a lot slower than I was attempting… herpa derp

Final edit: Ok… just experiencing first hand at how much MORE technical SF4 is than I ever realized, I have an immense amount of respect for you guys now. How often do you practice? How long do you guys practice combos until you feel like you’ve “perfected” it? Days? Weeks? Months? Etc?

After sitting here in training mode for almost 3 hours now, I feel like I have a long ways to go. But I’m going to do it, going to get these combos and shit down. Muscle memory. Etc. It’s crazy how much is going on in an SF match that casual players don’t even realize… like I said, I have a newfound respect for anyone good and dedicated enough to play fighting games on a competitive level… And people who are good at multiple fighting games? WTFHAX. I’m just going to focus on SSF4 for now.

Now for sleep, for tomorrow I must prep for MWC some MORE!

(lol teh grim diaries up thar ^)

It may just be because I’m playing yun, but the skill pool of online players has gone down by 5000%, every other person is just mashing on SRK the entire time, I can’t get any better when all I do is dive kick in and block and punish for 90% of my matches, so I guess I’ll just strictly be playing offline, where I can slap you for mashing.

If it is one thing I have to say about how the twins made the game, it’s more mashy.

Because you have to take stupid risks to get out of the mixup. You’ve said it yourself, “just srk out”.

**@Grim: **When it comes to combos, it’s best to just sit and do the one link over and over until you get the timing down. So say you want to learn cr.LP->cr.MP link. Just stand next to the opponent and just keep trying that link until you push him into the corner, jump over, and do it all the way to the other corner. When you can hit that link ~5-8 times in a row, add it to a combo. Now try cr.LP cr.LP->cr.MP. And do the same thing, take them from one corner to the other just doing that simple combo. Once that is down add in the cancelable special, and repeat the same process.

I know this is going to sound a little weird at first but, if you are having trouble “timing” the links in your combos, then you are probably thinking about it too much when you do it. I use to do the same thing, I would miss the easiest combo in the world because I was trying too hard to link it. Then I just said, fuck it, I’m going to just do the combo regardless, basically like I know 100% I’m going to hit it. For some reason, thinking that way lets me hit almost all my links. Like Nike, Just Do It.

The less you think about hitting that link, the more in rhythm you will be and more likely you will actually hit the link. At least that’s how it is when I play. This will also help in the long run with hit confirming, because if you miss enough links in casual matches, you will very quickly start to recognize when to cancel into a special for a hit or when to try for a frame trap or something else because the link missed.

It may seem like an ass backwards way of learning something, but it really helped me. So, just throwing out my 2 cents…

P.S. I plink every single link except cr.LP -> c.LK… it helps…

I don’t plink anything really I don’t have much trouble with links only time I plink is if a combo involves two 1 framers back to back

If ‘playing competitively’ means entering tourneys, then I didn’t start that until SF4. I think it was the Gamestop tourney, ha.

I’ve been playing on sticks since birth, though. Grew up in the arcades. Got a console relatively late, didn’t enter the fray until the 16-bit systems even though I was born in '80. Didn’t play too many fighters on console though. Arcades were where that sort of thing happened. Was lucky to have a decent arcade nearby, for a while at least.

My first stick:

How in the hell have you fucks gotten away with so many consecutive plinking posts without J Willy “footsies and spacing are more important” rant? Jason…I am disappointed.

Even though they are and I agree, it’s much better in Dreamspeak.

Bill Grim - we can show you plinking and tell you about dem framez n shit next gathering. All of that knowledge is great and will help you, but you definitely want a solid foundation of fundamentals. Then you can build on it with more in depth knowledge.

GGs yesterday Negro, Dream, and Monkeychild.
Thanks for telling me what to look for in regards to plinking Chris.
No more online for me. Not until after MWC at least.
Execution went to asstastic in less than a week of playing online

Is the arcade in Memphis any good if so how do you get there?

Combos?? Plinking?? What’s that??

We play characters with beefy standing roundhouses and amazing pokes!

Bison Army, unite!


I’ll be at GG all day Friday for some MvC3 practice. If you want a “sneek peek” at the MODOK you’ll see at MWC, then swing on by. Hulk will also be making an appearance to hurt people’s feelings.

Also, I would give AE a try if I could use my pad and set up my buttons on a 360.

FunFair has been closed for a good minute man. Most peeps now gather at Hastings to play fighters. Every Wednesday @ 7.

There really isnt an arcade in Memphis, but if you want to meet the scene and get involved read the first post of this thread or my sig.

Big Jake - no prollem sir

Luis - word to motha

Lee - there are console setups for AE. You should be able to do just that.

Yea that sounds cool. Where exactly is it I stay in the east memphis area.

nvm just read the first post.

How many peeps usually show up Wednesday night?

Usually somewhere between 18 and 30. We also run ranbats biweekly currently for AE and Marvel 3. Tek 6 ranbats might start up soon as well.

Bimonthly*… Haha… MvC3 ranbats are the 2nd wednesday of each month, and SF ranbats are the last wednesday of each month… We also have a rating and points system as well… Check the link in my sig…

Fun stuff!