The New TN Thread: Fried Chicken and Tekken

Ok i checked the spot on mapquest its only a 20 min drive. If I can get find a ride you will see me there. And whats a ranbat?

Chris: I would have posted earlier but work and other stuff have me busy…hardwood floors, new store, home stuff, baby prep; I even forgot MWC is coming up, LOL

From what I gather though, you guys are talking about plinking with Yun of all characters? Seriously?

The combos are easy, just press the buttons timed like anything else, they are basically chain combos…I have zero problems doing them and I know for sure Jacob doesn’t plink. Yun was never like that to begin with. Heck, even the 2x strongs are super easy…why do you think so many people are using Yun? LOL. the key is learning what to DO with everything once you know about it. Most Yun players just dive kick and try and mixup combos.

Grimstar: Easiest way to do the combos, press each button in succession lightly in training until you get the timing down. Press Crouching LK, Standing LP, standing LP, standing MP until you see 4 hits on screen each time then go to the chain and learn from that. It seriously is NOT hard to do at all, but all these plinking talk about it will cause you to do unnatural things with it.

Rufus needs plinking, some Bison and Sakura stuff yes, definitely Ryu, but Yun needs nothing of the sort.

A very interesting write-up by Darry over at iPlaywinner:

Abe this kinda deals with what we were talking about the other night. Not so much the marketing side of things, but ways to keep fighting games fresh, appealing, and on a constant path of growth versus the Dark Ages people talk about all the time.

Some things I don’t agree with and some of his points I got lost on due to his writing style, but you kinda get the jist of the article overall.

Southwest: SSF4 AE Online League
Registrations are now open!
Hey guys! If you haven’t signed up and still want too, there is plenty of room for the Southwest SSF4 AE Online League! This is where you can prove yourself and rep your city from your own couch! Registrations can be found at or visit us on SRK in the Southwest forums.
[LEFT]Be sure to read all of the information concerning the league. The Pro Division has filled up. The Amateur Division should start soon. If you want to get in the Amateur Division, please sign up as quick as possible! It’s first come first serve. You don’t want to be starting off in a lower Division.[/LEFT]

tourney this sat. hope some of u guys can make it .

Peeps need to know the truth…just read.

I plink throws!


A Ranbat is short for Ranking Battle.

Basically a mini-tournament in which everyone interested plays and earns points for a season. So at the end of the season there’s a clear say Top 5 player in SF4 etc. Ranbats are free also, most just play for bragging rights and as friendly competition.

And yes I’m down for Tekk ranbats, even though I’m a Wastings player, lol.

I’m down to rep Wastings in T6 I play Lars bitch come fuck with that uf+3

Haha it’s all good. I actually forgot until the other day. It just hit me out of nowhere and I was like OH SHIT NEED TO PRACTICE.

Jacob isn’t plinking…UNTIL NOW BWAHAHAHAH

Luis - damn…

I might be by GG tonight. I’ll post up if so.

LOL “wastings” players got a ways to go to beat mid TN. Trung was no joke at the game and I believe there was another really good player with him and Kodee though the name escapes me.

Do Mike and Bishop qualify as wasting players?

don’t forget your sample kumbos.

Oh my…

Welp seems like Tekken just got a whole lot more interesting. I bet everyone will be motivated to learn now.

In other news…skip to 2:05. LMAO!


Um…so yea…does this mean you guys are down for Wastings vs Minions epic 5v5 for the fate of worlds? You’re gonna hafta get your asses in Gear. Pretty sure Sev is a lock. You all are gonna have to decide who’s in the other 4 spots. Hell, Iiked what I saw from Anthony in just his first 20 minutes with the game. So if he’s secretly practicing in seclusion(like he did for MK) then you all gotta step it up because you know how he does with bitches with balls and shit. Me, Bishop, Tommy, Sev, Gene, Andrew, etc. will help you guys. Probably more Bishop than anyone because I’m so busy this week. And you prob won’t see the others except for at Hastings. But I should be able come to Sev’s Friday if he’s free and anyone wants games. I’m not gonna cram you with stuff because that wouldn’t do any good. I’m gonna tell you what you need to know to stand a chance and hopefully even the odds in Wastings favor. You’re gonna have to listen though and understand that this isn’t SF/Marvel. Bring your skills, attributes, fg knowledge, execution, reaction, etc. to this, but realize this is a diff game. If you stay solid throughout, then you’ll do fine, despite being new to the game. If you try to be a hero, do your favorite moves, get impatient, not react, etc. then you’re gonna be passing the stick/pad to your teammate really fast. And it’s gonna be harder on that person since the other team has gained momentum and shit. I’m telling you, the “warmness” aka the “feeling” aka “the glow” counts for alot here. But yo, no pressure. :slight_smile:

I’m down to host the 5v5 if it happens because my spot should be decent by then. If minions agree, then we’ll pick a date and time that suits everyone and just let it rip. I spoke to Rell today and I think I got him a little flustered by possible bloodshed so he was trying to play dirty and extend hands but this battle is locked to Hastings people(Wastings headquarters) on one side and Herbert’s house people(Minion safehouse) on the other. Now, after this battle is done, casualties felt, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna try to recruit and pull outside allies. Which is nothing, we’re ready for that also. I got different species of motherfuckers ready to align themselves with freedom fighters. But by then the war would have started. And you guys will be better players with more exp, hungrier, and battle-driven.

So anyway, if you want to fight for the cause, suit up. But you have to have been born with Wastings blood. Per the elder gods, Rebels, old-schoolers, non-travelers, and the tyrannical tyrant Little Majin himself are restricted. Remember you’re fighting for the freedom of the lands, respect, and to hopefully save some of our brainwashed Minion brothers in the process. That should be motivation enough. And it’s gonna be intense. Nothing new, just another Tekken day. Welcome to the drama. Get hype.

And no Sev. Last I checked me, Bishop, Marcus, and Tommy were the aptly named Rebels, “butt-hurt Rebels” to be exact. Because we stopped sitting by the campfire long ago…

Other person was Josh(Big Jio) from knoxville. 2nd best Ling under Lingmassacre or maybe the best depending on who you ask. MidTN got Tekken players and old-schoolers but they’re doing life shit. Josh and Trung are the only ones still repping strong and going to majors. Cody is in Florida. Ian is daddy daycare. Charlie is buying gadgets and watching porn. Dimo is the last hope to build back a reputable scene in Nash.

Poor Yang.

@ Mike: So who are the minions again?

Herbert(Jin/Drag), Lil Melvin(Lili), Afro Samurai look alike Josh(Alisa), Derek(Asuka)

Well I’m down but we will have to do it in town one weekend or something cause I cant make MWC.

@ Lycan: Get on amazon and buy another copy of Tek and start practicing again. Fuck that evil ryu nonsense.