The New TN Thread: Fried Chicken and Tekken

This is Memphis drama. No MWC. It’s gonna go down sometime next week when both sides are free. Preferable a fri or sat cuz I’m off and i’ll host.

JT is in the process of being converted too. Tyrannical Tyrant Little Majin promised him a better future. And if JT pledges his allegiance then Cortez will follow suit. I also think Tyrannical Tyrant Little Majin is going to recruit some older generals like Lee and Fun Fair liutenants. But I doubt if Joe or others will care enough to fight for the dictator or the people. They’ll prob just watch from a safe distance. Also Mick and Gene are certified old-school, and banned by the gods themselves from entering.

I gtg back to work. Get at me later. But in the meantime, please get in the lab peeps. This is for the future of a better tomorrow…

LOL what the fuck is going on in here?! …

…and what the hell is Wastings?


I’ll play if I’m considered worthy, but we all know I’m free and a Wasting. Still though, I’m disappointed from reading that TZ post. So, now that peeps are showing interest in Tekk, Majin doesn’t feel inclined to come out? I mean, don’t get me wrong, he has some very valid reasons. But it’s mostly the tone of his posts that kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

“Lol I don’t know nor do I really care to know any of those guys, much less getting a ride with them.”. Well, it’s nice to know that the Memphis Tekken player that even the SF regulars give respect to feels this way about us. So I guess he has his reasons, but given that attitude I’m not surprised that Tekk scene in Memphis has really died down until the recent upsurge in interest, from the SF players.

Whatever, lets do this Wastings vs Minions bullshit. But remember, it’s worthless, because there’s no money on the line /endsarcasm. Who cares about helping rejuvenate your scene or possibly guiding a new generation of tekken players into some meaningful progress? Right?

100 dollar money match 20 dollars a person seems fair

If I’m not worthy of the squad which wouldnt really surprise me I’ll still put 20 on Wastings so if I play 100 vs 100 if I dont 120 vs 100

I think the best time to have this Tekken war is at Jas place in July when he is having that big party of his. I’ll put $40 down if I have to just to spice things up a bit. Everyone in the loser team will have to drink my extra salty Metsu Hadoken drink.

And so the war begins…BRING IT ON!

I couldn’t agree more but think about this Hiryu. How many of the “Wasting’s” players have had SERIOUS life issues and still manage to make it out for games with the help of other “Wasting’s” players? We as a community have no problem whatsoever helping others out when in need but when you basically shit on those people without even really knowing them, that REALLY makes you look like an ass. It also pisses me off a great deal.

That sums it up pretty nicely.

I plink everything, It’s just a good habit, my timing has gotten to where combos don’t even feel right without it, plinking also translates into being able to kara dash in marvel 3.

My first article:

Wait, how does that LA Noire pass work? Paying the $10 ALLOWS you to buy the dlc in the future, or by paying the $10 you get all the dlc?

Wow! Look at all of this misguided rebellion…

Hiryu - I mean no disrespect to you all as individuals when I say “Wastings.” I respect what you guys are doing for the community here wholeheartedly. What “Wastings” implies is simply wasted talent. I’ve got respect for you guys just as y’all have respect for me. Nevertheless, my opinion is that all of the gatherings, tournaments, ranbats, and practice sessions that you guys run are for naught if the fruits of your labor aren’t shown at major tournaments, especially at this point. Now as far as the Tekken scene goes, it got more dim over time because people were losing, started doing their own thing, newer games, etc. It had nothing to do with me being “tyrannical” and it definitely didn’t die. There are still Tekken gatherings going on that are outside of SRK. Don’t get me wrong sir, I would be at Hastings more if it were more convenient for me. With the upsurge of interest in Tekken by the SF players, I’m definitely interested in coming to Hastings to see what it’s all about. The same goes for whenever y’all host on weekends. I’ve never said that I don’t want to go there, I just can’t right now, and I’m definitely not going to burden anyone to haul me around especially someone I barely know. Hell, that is just plain inconsiderate to only get to know someone just to get a ride to a gathering. Whenever my car situation improves (and it should real soon), I’ll be able to go there more. Try not to take this “Memphis Drama” seriously. In the end, there is no loss for respect and definitely no ill wills. Again, it’s not that I don’t respect you guys and your efforts, it’s that I don’t respect never traveling despite having such a good establishment here. REAL TALK…

Bishop - Lol stop acting so butthurt…ain’t nobody “shitting” on you guys and definitely not your SERIOUS** life problems. I’m only elaborating on those who don’t compete at majors because of meager reasons; not all of the reasons for every single Hastings player was a serious life problem. GET BACK! The only people who look like asses around here are those who shit on their own players’ accomplishments. Yes, I’ve heard about what kind of hell y’all gave DaRabidDuckie for that Cinderslam (IIRC) MVC3 tournament.

everyone else - You guys take up all of your hate in this hilarious war, “Rebels vs Minions” with me lol. These so-called “minions” don’t have a clue about this 5v5 and don’t even know that you all are calling them that. So LOL, no forcing them to drink bad drinks or losing money…

Now if you trash talkers want to MM me in Tekken 6, then I’m all ears…

pay $10 and all the current dlc and upcoming dlc are yours

Damn, I don’t even have the game yet but I might have to go for that…

And why is there Tekken drama? Like 4 people started “playing” the game 2 weeks ago. You are not going to win a 5v5, and probably won’t even be playing the game still 3 weeks from now. Talk of ranbats seems waaaaay premature, too. You’re gonna have like 10 people mashing on buttons and 3 that know what they’re doing… unless of course, all the “real” Tekken players come to it.

a wild duckie appeared

Just another day in the TN forums, Man Nashville needs some drama, you guys need to start trying to cut each others throats or something you’re making us look bad.

I think some of us would do alot better in majors if we had major-level talent to practice against (In SF anyways), I think our Marvel scene is actually pretty damn good compared to alot of places.

Anybody want to get some games in on xbl.
Gamertag: MikeEeastSide

So I just tried out the online for MK after the last patch…and still I wanted to throw up on my family…and then I decided to check out the forum for anything new and wound up seeing all the hate…and low and behold I threw up all over my family. They mad.

HYPE…Copy of tekken is in the PS3 tonight!!! I want those so called Minions! Yeah, Melvin could never beat me in that game! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha… This shit is awesome! You guys want Money??? I got $50 on my Wastings Band of Brothers! Bring it! And wherever this may happen, Slaw, bad hair-do, BEER must be involved!

All though, I dont even know if I am allowed on the team since I used to play with these guys. No matter! I still want in if the rules allow it!

I gotcha mang, these damn Minions ain’t got shit on us homie.

I’m On my Level----Again!