The New TN Thread: Fried Chicken and Tekken

Orel, by Wastings lineage, yea you’re allowed. I thought you were like fuck it. But that definitely makes you and Sev locks on the squad apparently. Although it’s ultimately up to the overall team’s decision. But pretty sure you guys want to actually win, and no one can forget how you and E-Gord put in work.

Those 3 spots are up for grabs among Abe, Squab, Jose, Johnny, Josh, and any other who bears the Wasting crest if they rise to the cause. FREE YOURSELVES FROM THIS TYRANNY! Is it not the people’s right to drink beer and go out and actually chill after games if they so wish?? Does this make them unworthy of being a rightful citizen?? Win. Win this battle against the Minion Pawns and prove that you don’t need to sit around the campfire listening to legends of old and sucking butt just to be taken seriously as a fighting game player. Or a person.

Thanks for the dudes willing to put up money just to get games with motherfuckers. Cuz otherwise…it’s not worth it. AT ALL. Ok kids?

Turns into ignorant, anti-social monster and takes a huge runny shit on dreams and common decency.

I LOL’d at the Yun U2 video.

  1. No.

  2. This. We have the players and the potential. We just need constant access to that next echelon of players.

GGs to J Willy, Eugene, and Jay earlier. I swear Yang makes me want to press buttons more than Yun does, lol. And Eugene, play Fei! We need the practice.

Unrelated - I got my Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition today. I completely forgot it came out today - was a nice surprise despite the fact that my computer is still borked.


Im new wtf are minions?

Damn! I leave and come back to the forums only to run dead into tekken drama out of everything lmao! I think ya need to get over the AE drama first and decide what to do about that game before you come into the realm of tekken lol.
Well if ya really wanna do this i’ll be more than happy to host this event come july 30th so that gives everyone who is gonna participate ample time to prepare. i’m not sure if i’ll partake on that seeing as i have less and less time to play anything as of now but i’ll provide hype either way.
I still wanna know if anyone from here is going to MWC so i can get a ride but still nothing so idk.
Oh and Bishop and Woot we need to have a serious talk come tomorrow night so get at me at hastings. Oh and we’ll finish the marvel grand finals while we at it also.

I want to go to MWC!

I just recently got into this scene about a month ago actually due to PJan’s invite. Now that my seasonal job is done with I hope to come out to more events. As for my history? I mostly just used to play Soul Calibur back at the Wolfchase Galleria arcade until that got shut down. I kept a pretty good set up going on with my friends back in the day mostly playing various MK, SC, a little Tekken, and definitely Guilty Gear (though I never got to keep the game long enough to be praise worthy). I started using a stick when SSF4 came out and I feel it helps a lot in traditional 2d fighters, but I prefer my PS3 pad for 3d fighters and for the new MK. Right now, my main focus is on MK and leveling up my Tekken game since a lot of people here dig Tekken apparently (I used to play a mean Julia). As for current Capcom games…meh, I’m not digging the come back mechanics…not to mention SF4 has been like the only big thing for 2 years and I’ve never been a Vs fan since MvC1 and SFvsX-Men. Though once Skullgirls comes out I’m going to play the shit out of that.

Btw, anyone else say a prayer at night for a new Darkstalkers or at least an arcade perfect port?

To make a very long story very short, the last time i played tekken seriously was back when we had our MM Mike. About a year ago…(sweet Jesus time goes by quick). I fell out of whatever scene there was due to graduating college, moving back home, looking for work. Point being, now I got a nice full time gig going on and some free time on my hands, I am ready to B+2, CD3 my way back into the ring. Cody is gone, but he taught me enough to get me rolling. As far as MWC or anything going on, if memphis wants to show up and play, I’d be more than thrilled to play with anyone. I’m not gonna throw money down, that’s just not how I do it and I’m not saying I will win (if you dont know me, Im about as cocky as…a well…I’m not cocky at all) but I’ll do my best to give everyone a good fight.

As far as Nashville goes, I can’t say that there will even be a scene until we get TTT2. Cody did his best with the whole team thing and rankings but it just never got off the ground. But so help me once that comes out, I will be punching everyone in the back of the head here to play it (except Jacob Ford, I don’t want to get body slammed, I will just ask you kindly and then be on my way). So yeah…

Im still a little lost as far as the minions,rebels,sharks, and jets stuff goes. But with all this tekken talk, i found myself in training mode these past few days catching up with my old friend nigga nigga ong bak.

Do it Anthony! GOGOGO

Edit: Peace to Nigga Nigga Ong Bak. Shit is too crunk.

Let’s go!!!

New Thread Title suggestions…

Just Frame Insurance Claim!!!

Tennessee thread: Stop bleedin’ pussy.

Gonna request that the new thread title contain some reference to MWC…you know…considering it’s like, next weekend and shit.

Yeah I don’t care if people Bum rides off me for MWC, looking at Jas, eraser, etc.

count me in 99% sure.

Long story short, there is a separate Tekken scene from the Hastings(Wastings) player gatherings. The Minions are members of the other group, Wastings are Hastings players. It’s really nothing that would affect someone new to the scene like yourself, so don’t worry about it. Just come to fight night tomorrow night, meet the crew and you are welcome to come hang out with us afterwards and if you are still interested we can tell you the long version.

Oh and if you do come out tomorrow night, look for the Asian guy with a dark green cap on. Tell him you are from srk and I’ll know who you are.

My xbl is Hiryu ZeroTwo

Woot, I MIGHT be able to go to MWC. I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow night, so don’t give out all your spots.

Mike posting…

Minions hate freedom. Their main goal is to destroy a democratic society. Forever. That’s all you need to know.

Welcome to Memphis shit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help guys (squabbler, woot, chris, jason, neo). I just need to sit in training mode longer, I’m too eager to go kick ass. And I also think I’ll not bother with plinking very much for now. Like Chris and Jason said, I’ll just do it normally and worry about that shit later. Besides, I can do cr. mp x 3 without plinking easily, so the rest of Yun’s shit is just a simple matter of time.

Yang, however, I can do almost any of his bnbs without any problems. It’s retarded how much 1-2 frames of a difference makes. For me at least.

Thanks for being helpful guys. I want another beer now. SOME FOR YOU GUYS TOO!

GGs to Chris, Josh, and Jacob and Jacob the last few days.

Btw, I just started a West Tennessee thread on Test Your Might. If you’re a MK player, be sure to drop in: