The New TN Thread: Jaggas and Bingos all day

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  • EVO 2012 Season details here
    - The Great Crossover War:

Saturday, March 24th

Game Galaxy Arcade
Inside Hickory Hollow Mall upstairs (park and enter near the food court for closest entrance)
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013

1pm-Street Fighter X Tekken (Xbox 360)
4pm-Street Fighter X Tekken Teams (Xbox 360)
6pm- Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (Xbox 360)

$5 cover, $5 entry per game (all payouts 70/20/10 split)
SFxT teams are $5 entry per person, $10 per team


Any questions, feel free to contact us:
Follow Game Galaxy on Facebook -
And twitter -!/Game_Galaxy





The hub of the Nashville scene:
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm
Official Fight Night every Tuesday!


The hub of the Memphis scene:
Mid-South Tournaments and Games
1731 Dancy Blvd, Hornlake, MS 38637
Every Wednesday from 6:00pm-12:00am
$5 Fee


The hub of the Knoxville scene:
determined weekly


last but not least:


Thread title totally should have been “WE HAVE BOOMCUBES AND SHINBLADES AND YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY!!!”

Guess I can’t feel too bad for losing to PR Rog. I mean, he did place second… :xeye:

Also, I fully expect Patrick to place in both Marvel and AE at our next tournament. Nothing less. Same for Shin Blade in KoF.

got a bit of scotch in me and i’m probably ready for this

first off, thanks for sticking with me guys. Second, if you didn’t see my stream match, do me a huge favor and don’t look it up. dead serious when i say i was too nervous to even see straight.

Phil, Chris, Eddie, you guys are my dudes. Thanks for helping me keep my shit together.

Shinblade, you don’t need my props dude, you know you busted asses. good shit.

Jas, the voice that makes you moist, get on it dude.

errr…probably should’ve waited on these, i’ll get on it later.

It’s all good Patty. Get at em laterrrr.


RIGHT? NIGGA…we coulda done this shit at the crib. Why we drive all the way to ATL for this shit?!

You motherfuckers man. Full shoutout post coming you know the deal. I really wanted to do better but my heart wasn’t in it. Lot of this FGC drama and shit actually had me pretty down Friday and Saturday night. Was talking to Jason about things. BUT GOD DAMN ME PAT AND MARCUS GOT MY MIND RIGHT. I’m BACK ON THIS SHIT NIGGUH.

Jose I do wanna say man, thank you thank you thank you for promoting TN and MWC on the stream man. Like I said, I don’t have the pull that you do from your MvC2 OG days, so there was no way they were letting No Name TN Bison #6 on that stream to promote.

There is something else I wanna say - as “Hollywood” as a lot of these majors are getting, and that can be good or bad depending on who you are and how you wanna interpret, I wouldn’t trade MWC being TN and grassroots for anything. We are putting in work and building our scene up the way we should be doing. Now that Pat, Marcus, and Jose have put us on, the sky is the limit. Now all I want to do is get better so I can be right with my niggas in top 16…REPPING.

Edit: Also I agree with that title change. We just need Mike to help us make it more punchy.

GGs Chris. The internet was trash and that made Clark even more retarded.

Ok guys i’m back home safe and sound.

To nashville fam,all I can say is much much homo love to ya for being there this weekend representing,i know the competition was fierce as shit but u guys did damage. Pat just happened to have the glow this weekend cause that nigga was on some bruce leroy shit. Chris thanks man for the goodies and phil you r so free in sf its not even funny,you lucky nigga codys ultra 2 sucks balls if it juggles cause I was reading that underage bitch like a childrens book. First round begins,cody walks forward like a fucking boss,phil presses a button,cody smacks that hoe in her mouth SHUT UP!!! Lol good times man! Never play me in fgs when I am under the influence or else lol!!

My memphis family, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What the fuck did I say??? Memphis aint fucking around in this motha! Kof on deck,soul calibur on deck and marvel fucking capcom 2 on deck niggas!!! That wonder bread was so stale that shit is still green from all that mold. Niggas was on blast!
I am so glad tn has been put on the map and it only gets better from here so lets help promote our scenes because memphis tourney is looking to be super hype, there is a good possibility of a couple of big name players making it out here cough chris g cough so lets promote the shit out of it. I will be getting together with my main niggas that will help me run this event this week so we can start making preparations so squabb and lycan expect incoming texts this week. I should have a set date by the end of the week. Also for those of you who watched both the kof and marvel streams I commentated on,what did u guys thibk? How did I do? Commentating with skisonic was interesting

Good Shit to everyone at Final Round, both TN and KY repped hard in both games, I was watching as hard as I could. Salty I didn’t make it but it was cool to see you guys on stream. Good shit to Shin Blade wrecking in King, watched Mike in Soul and Boom in both AE and Marvel. I will be making it to the next major if I have to sale my sticks to get there.

under dat influence NEEGRRALLiS!

Shout outs to Pat for placing high in AE and Marvel. Good shit man I thought you might have turned into jelly after you beat Valle lol…was trying to get in to watch you play FChamp on stream but that corner was impossible to penetrate without Makoto’s fugi…

Shout outs to ShinBlade, Lil’ Majin in KOF13, and all of TN/MS that came out to support these gentlemen in KOF13. omg I love watching this game I wanna be pro at it :X I was so hype watching shin and majin play…damn.

Shout outs to peeps that we chilled with. Jas/Woot/KY Brandon/ etc etc etc etc etc.

Shout outs to Chris Brownsford my bro and Phil Shin a.k.a. Lil’ Kim for rollin with me up to FR…

I can’t wait for MWC.

That’s all I have man… I’m exhausted from driving and I’m going to sleep. GOoooOOd night ZZzzzZZZzz

I liked it better than JuiceBox’s that’s for sure. He seemed way too caught up in blowing sunshine up his friend’s/teammates asses than commentating on the match as a whole. I found it pretty annoying and had to mute that shit. I appreciated how you talked shit/ talked up both players for the most part. Definitely less biased than a lot of people, which I appreciated. I think its great that you mke up your own catch phrases instead of using the the typical ones that the fighting game community use too much.

Also, shotouts to Phil, who also did a great job with his commentary as well.

I’m so happy for the Tennessee cousins repping so hard at Final Round! Hella props to my cousins from the M-Town and my good neighbors down in Nashville for doing so well!!! I’m excited about MWC. It will be my first real “major”.

Jose…for making a Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon reference you have been elevate to the “Niggas Fa Lyfe” hall of fame. Whatever you need for your tournament you know I got you. You got all my contact info. DON’T HESITATE TO HIT ME UP MAN.

Eddie - I love you like a big brother my nigga. Real talk.

GGs to Trippfan. Gonna hop in KoF training mode for a bit, then I think I’ve earned the right to drink and shred a bit before bed after this weekend lol. I’m still hoarse from cheering for Marcus in KoF, lol

I might be fucked with a rooming situation tonight lol anyone that knows ppl staying here tonight text me 901-412-5621

so much stuff to say about this weekend…Renic coming into our room and having drunk 3s matches with Q, OnlineTony winning 10 money matches in a row, Shinblade running around the stage, THAT MARVEL FINAL, oh my god. I went 3-2 in both games (technically 4-2 in AE cause I got a DQ), not what I wanted in AE but it’s more than I expected in KoF. I had 2 matches go down to me laming out with Ryo.


You guys.

I am so pumped and still hyped up for Final Round.

I got 65th (along with a bunch of other peopl, but you know whatever) out of 170 in KOF. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but did better than I thought I would. the matches I lost were close and I felt I could have pulled out the win, but couldn’t that day. I’m so pleased. Again, thanks to everyone that was behind me, Chris, Papstr from my crew, AzurePhoenix, and BDPWalmart.

GOOD EFFING CRAP TO SHINBLADE GETTING FIFTH IN KOF AND TAKING OUT TOPS. Man we knew you were legit. I walked over to the station when you were bodying someone cause I heard one of Jas’ BOOOOOOOOOMMMM’s and I was like “I know that voice, that has to be Jas.” and immediately started supporting you and Majin.

Good S to Chris, too man. I see you. Im hypin’ you. I’m watchin’ you hype other people. What’re you doin’ tomorrow? We’ll KOF it up or do some SSX. I just wanna hang with Nashville. I might be up at the Game Galaxy.

Lil’ Majin: We didn’t talk much, so I don’t have much to shout, but I respect you a lot, man. I first heard about you when you won a K.I.T. like 5 years ago.


Eddie: I only saw you like four times, man. I didn’t see any of your matches, man. I’m confused. How’d you stealth by my all-seeing eye the entire time?

BIG DADDY PATRICK F. : Dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude.


Dude dude. Patrick. Dude. You beat some ass. Dude. All i’m gonna say.

Dude. AND you got 17th in King of Fighters? Cause o’ that hat support, just throwin’ it out there. You too beast. Tooooo beast. I’m buyin’ you a pizza.

Astaroth: Man I was behind you the whole time. I flinched every time you dropped something I knew was supposed to happen. You still have my support, man. Always. Executive Chair Train choo choo!

Arson: Your backpack is fuggin’ huge, man. I kept running into it that first day! You do good and I see you definitely got better with Kyo! Glad to see you sticking to Saiki, too. You had those matches, don’t stress yourself. I BELIEEEEEEEEVVVVE

I think that’s everyone, I might be missing a few.

Awesome tournament, guys. I loved being there. The crowd yelling “SONIC BOOM!” for Guile players, “whack whack whop whop whack” for Maxi’s, the general chillness of the top players. I talked to Justin Wong, Reynald, The Answer, and a bunch of other players including all my opponents into attending MWC or at least seriously considering it. PROMOTE THAT S. I could talk on and on and on about my experience, (GUILTY GEAR 2D RC 2D RC WILD THROW WHAT IS THIS) and how fun it was (Eating at Taco Mac @12:45am with [drunk] Tad n’ the boys) but I’ll digress for now until someone brings it up later (secret underground tunnel to the parking garage) cause I still have company over. I do want to say one thing, though, (darabidduckie is a boss stick modder and I got like 4 compliments under 5 seconds on my new stick) i’ve been throwing the word ‘hiatus’ around for a couple weeks. Getting my stick back in its swanky new, fixed, and functional form and the hype level and energy of the tournament? I no longer feel like ceasing to compete. I am renewed in my fervor and will seek that top 8 spot and to talk to as many fighting game players as I can. I definitely will host tournaments with energized passion and strive to make MWC as big as possible.

Ballin’ tournament. Final Round Forever.

I got a room. Despite whatever Kotaku wants to imply, FGC is full of really cool, nice people.

Thanks, HispanicNinja.

and I lost on stream, as always, lol

go here to vote for who you want in Tekken x Street Fighter

I voted
Tekken:Beak, Lili, Lars, Tiger(Dat afro), Eddie
SF: Karin, Q, Alex, Urien, Charle

I voted for those 12 characters already on the disc.

Good god I can not wait for April 1st the best show in TV is back!


@eraser lol, I don’t know why people are so upset this nothing new. Capcom has done this with almost all DLC for their fighting games. On the bright side it saves me precious HD space :stuck_out_tongue: Really this doesn’t bother me any more it’s not new you were going to have to buy them on disc or off disc. Why do does make you feel any different if it’s off? Wanna blame something for this blame the playstation Vita there only doing this to be HEY LOOK VITA HAS MORE CHARACTERS!! when it really doesn’t in the end. So yeah fuck you Sony

Lastly Drive is an amazing movie go buy it on blu-ray now. You understand?

dood, darkstalkers 4 in the works.

I about shit a brick playing SSX earlier when I chose to do a Trick It! competition and this music kicked in
Fucking golden.

Now Dax don’t go crazy and play Lars in sfxt when he’s releases I know he has a “jagga” kick but I call dibs. Zeus as his super and dat uf+3 is too sweet .