The New TN Thread: Kings of Kang


Beyonce, easily.


you mean Beyonzo


Beyonzo is in Marvel, not SF. SF can’t handle her.


Well, Latif is there so my top 8 character prediction is Viper, Akuma, Seth, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.

How did you do/are you doing in ST Jason?


Cause he spit hot fiya


ST isnt till tomorrow. They have a qualifier today. then T.O.L. tomorrow.


I had magneto’s Side TAC in mind when I was talking about it, I literally pull it off maybe 5% of the time in training mode because you have a one or two frame ADDF, and the opponent will fall out if you didn’t get the height right off the TAC which is MEGA early.

EDIT: Nvm saw a Different way to do it that looks way easier, will have to try it out :smiley:


Ah, didn’t know the window was that small. Dorm’s is similar, except you have to airdash twice and position yourself perfectly.


Oh shit I forgot Uryo was at EVO! Hes using Viper (against Dieminion)! YESSSSS


All of you did good. :slight_smile: I am really proud of Josh. That isn’t to bad with the level of competition that comes to EVO. Plus between the PS3 and tournament nerves he did great. I didn’t think tournaments usually do the double jeopardy thing unless it is losers finals? Maybe it is just TO discretion or something and I guess they can’t change the bracket at EVO. Oh well now he knows he needs to work on Yun along with the Guy match up and you guys have plenty of time to just have fun.


That costume iPeru is using on Fuerte right now makes a smiley face in the crotch. How did I notice that?

I’ll never tell. lol


I say that and someone made a consistant, much more lenient combo that works on everyone except nemesis for Up, Down, and Side TAC for magneto.

It just seems kinda silly to me, I can risk them breaking out of Zero’s 100% this is going to kill you combo…Or just 100% combo with Zero and give them much less meter for it.


Damn, Kazunoko beat Latif in losers so he’s out.


8 Different characters in top 8?

Fuck this shit. I want






Jesus, with all the crazy tech coming out this past week, this game pretty much got turned up to 11.


I’m glad for the SFxT announcement, hopefully its the beginning of Capcom refining the engine and allowing the game to blossom into something people want to play.


yay Marvel stream. This is what you guys missed:

  • Spencer
  • Zero
  • Vergil
  • Wolverine
  • Magneto
  • Wesker
  • Sentinel
  • Phoenix
  • Dante
  • Frank West

That’s the new MVC2 power tier. Hype.

  • Zero and Doom


Big ups to sev for hosting tonight, was a pleasure as always.

I felt really on point in marvel and sf tonight. Seth vs Seth is pure rock, paper, scissors, except with two meters he’s like that kid who goes 1…2…3…rock! I mean scissors!