The new top dogs?


I don’t think BAS is that good anymore… either because other players caught up or he’s just rusty or something.

John Choi raped his ass at Evo2k8 no slouch… I was a bit disappointed. John Choi beat him like NOTHING.

But damn, in Evo2k8 John Choi was at his finest…

So who are the really big top dogs nowadays?
In Japan I know there’s this UMA guy who’s pulling amazing shit against D44BAS.

What about K-Groove? I saw Leezy play too, damn he was beast.
Any good K-Groove players in Japan right now?

I really with OTK was back… haha he has so much potential.


bas beat choi back in france after evo2k8

i think uma have been beating down bas for years

leezy retired after evo2k8 but made a special guest appearance in ncr.

theres a lot of good k-groove players in japan (rai, yane, gao, cab, etc)


Currently in Japan : A-Uma, K-Yane, N-Tsugunosuke, and C- kurosu


Its kinda silly for us to speculate on what’s going on on the other side of the pond - all we have to go from are sporadic match vids and the results of a few (albeit major) tournaments. But its fun, so what the hell, right?

Lets not get crazy re:bas - those vids on uma’s youtube are five years old. Bas got 7th in last years nationals, and based on Gunter’s reporting is still one of the top players in Tokyo. He’s probably still in the mix with ysk and kok, just behind uma perhaps.

Uma’s probably the most consistent player from what we know - he owns ibaraki vip for free. But after him it seems pretty open:

K- Yane is the man, but it doesn’t seem he’s a level above Rai or Deshikitsune.

N- Tsugu is probably the best. Daidouraku seems to do better in certain matchups though, so it’s not cut and dried.

C - Cross (Kurosu) seems to be the best based on tourney results in the past year. I’d be curious why you’d say nakanishi is better.


I agree that Kurosu is more successful-- I’ll edit my post. The info I based these players are from my friends in Japan who play cvs2 on a consistant basis and join tournaments there. They said Nak’s team is more solid w/ certain matchups, but they also said of the 4 grooves c-groove is more of a mixed bag of players making it difficult to determine.


Nakanishi quit games after the Capcom Olympics. At least a year, possibly for good. Tsugu is quitting after nationals in July. I’m pretty sure Rai quit also. The best K groove players in Osaka are Bocchan and Deshigitsune, but Yane is better than both of them I think. He went even in his set with Bocchan (although he was ahead after the agreed upon 20, for some reason they extended it to 30). He beat Kitsune in a set a while back as well.

best C is probably Cross by default, but he hasn’t entered anything in a while. not many C groove players worth their salt anymore. Dari might be the best active one.

A is Uma. bas switched to Hibiki this year so he’s still working things out. Uma’s used his team for years.

P, no one of consequence. P-Rugal is probably the only big name still using P.

N. Tsugu. Hands down.


Sakamoto is no longer playing P then? D:


Sakamoto uses K Gouki, Morrigan, and someone else… sometimes Kyo, sometimes Hibiki, sometimes Sagat, etc. He’s become a mix up player.


No more K-Rock and K-Kyo users in Japan, huh?

The OTK legacy has died out… I MUST GO TO JAPAN AND CONTINUE IT. :slight_smile:
Damn, I wish.

Anyways, I noticed lots of people use Hibiki nowadays… lol.

Any good Nakoruru players?


Mother fucking Gao lol.


Glad to see someone with firsthand experience post, but damn. This might be the most depressing thing I’ve seen on this site since the evo voting thread. Nakanishi gone? Rai and Cross maybe too? Tsugu (the guy I learn the most from watching) leaving soon? WTFFFFUUUUUUCCKKKKKKK

I just hope there’s talent on the rise out east to make up for these losses. That’s just bad news all around.


is this the end for cvs2 then?



hopefully if they put this game online or make a cvs3 then the community will be revived :)… but chances are slim to none right now.

there’s a new announcement of some sort later this year, let’s just cross our fingers …X X…