The NEW Trophy Thread (Trophy Help)

So the old thread was really old.

This thread is about helping people to get trophies they might have trouble with. Need help? Ask here.

I’m looking to get the ‘judgment’ medal in SF 4. It’s the last one I need for the ‘All medals’ trophy, whatever the hell it’s called. If anyone is interested in helping me out, send me a message on PSN, username ‘Geoffvdl’. I’ll happily reciprocate if it’s needed. I’m a late nighter, typically between 2 AM eastern time, and 5 AM same.

Just as an aside, I played Noby Noby Boy for about two hours and unlocked seven trophies just by fucking around. Recommended for trophy whores.

There’s a platinum trophy in SF4 called “Ruler of All” or something. It’s the first trophy. How do we get it?

By getting all the other trophies.