The New Yang Thread Strategy/Discusion/Questions, Ask Here!




Yo! I am making things a little easier to understand this time around while also adding more information in the long run.

So where to start? Yang isn’t damaging character, hell he takes a lot of damage himself. So what makes him good then? He has an extremely punishing mix-up game. He does a lot of stun. Has decent air and ground game and great supers. Oh and he has cool hair!


qcf/hcf- d,df,f/b,db,d,df,f
qcb/hcb- d,db,b/f,df,d,db,b

jab-light punch
strong-medium punch
fierce-heavy punch
short-light kick
forward-medium kick
roundhouse-heavy kick


Palm- qcb jab,strong,fierce,EX
Mantis Slash (Rekka)- qcf jab,strong,fierce x 3*
Dive Kick- j.df short,forward,roundhouse
Roll Kick- qcf short,forward,roundhouse, EX
Teleport- dp short,forward,roundhouse,EX
Zenpo Tenshin (Command Grab)- hcb short, forward, roundhouse

*EX Mantis Slash can be done up to 5 times.

Target Combo 1- strong,fierce,b+fierce
Target Combo 2- short,forward,roundhouse
Target Combo 3- j.forward,df forward (Dive Kick)



Now that thats out the way Basics!

Frame Data

*Thanks to ESN for revising the old frame data!

Super Art(s) of choice

Super Art choices tend to be match-up specific so I’ll here’s a list of what SA to use against said character:

Chun Li- SAII
Dudley- SAII
Elena- SAII
Gouki- SAII
Ibuki- SAII
Makoto- SAIII
Necro- SAIII
Remy- SAII
Sean- SAII
Twelve- SAII
Urien- SAIII
Yang- SAII

Note- Super Arts are honestly personal preference and can be switched interchangeably between the two. Just depends on the player:

SAII- Meter, Stun
SAIII- Mixups, Damage


Instead of all of his normals, Ill try posting the ones that are of better use than others.



  • Crouching forward is the most valuable and the poke that will be used the most. I put other normals so people wouldn’t feel like they’re limited to just one option.

Hit Confirms



cl.forward (Launcher)

Anti Air





This section will discuss combos whether they be situational or practical.

Regular Rekka combos

Air Target Combo Strong, fierce, cr.Foward into Rekkas
Standing strong, fierce into Rekkas
Crouching forward into Rekkas

EX Rekka combos

Air Target Combo Strong, fierce,cr. or st. short, cr.Foward into EX Rekkas
Close Strong x short into EX slashes
Standing close strong, fierce, or short into EX Rekkas
Crouching shortx1 or shortx2, jabx3, or forward into EX Rekkas
UOH x Short into EX Rekkas

Q only: after a set of EX Rekkas in the corner you can either super or do another more “broken” set to keep him juggled!


Crouching Forward x EX Rekkas

Chun, Makoto, Q
Launcher sjc.RH or Air target Combo
Walk up a little Cl.strong, fierce, short > Rekkas/EX Rekkas (short requires EX to combo)

Luancher (close forward) FOLLOW UPS

Sjc. RH
Sjc. Air target combo
Forward Senkyuutai
Forward Senkyuutai x SAII

Walk up a little, a second launcher sjc. RH

If in the situation where you anti air launcher in the corner you can follow up with:
Palm x far fierce (reset ), or super

Late Dive Kick Follow Ups

If a dive kick lands late and hits them low you can follow up with:

Standing strong, fierce, or short x EX Rekkas

more on this with experimentation later!

Palm Follow Ups

If in the corner you can follow up the palm with:


Far fierce

Chun, Q, Elena, Necro, Alex

Fierce slash x jab slash wait fierce slash x Jab slash x standing or crouching fierce (reset) or Super

for a visual example check the a-cho KO video in the first post for reference.


Strategy/ Set ups

reserved for strategy and set ups!


Seiei Enbu

reserved for a full Seiei Enbu instructional post including combos ,setups, and strategy with SAIII.


Why is it that K.O seems to always hit j. hk in corner and doesn’t ever get it parried and mine always does? lol Is he simply delaying it messing up the parry timing? Kinda like how RX always hits his j. hk in the corner also… Yang’s case, j. hk leads to free combo, same with Urien.

Edit: Are Yang’s close stand strong and/or forward capable of stuffing wakeup srk or ex spinning bird kick from chun?


The close s.forward should launch them out of the move iirc. I could be wrong. Need to test it.


Hey Nieman! Good stuff man. Really impressive.


This is probably old news, but I accidentally found out today that, after heavy senkyutai, you can reset the opponent with cl.jab or cl.strong (timing is similar so there’s no reason to do jab instead of strong). This works anywhere on the screen, and here’s what you can do:

  • If you immediatelly cancel the strong into light kaihou (teleport), yang will cross-up the opponent and be in a perfect position to attack;
  • If you delay the kaihou just a little bit, yang will not cross-up the opponent.

This should create some very good possibilities since your opponent won’t be sure what way to block, and you could even put in some high/low/grab mixup to really screw with his mind. Also let me add that, if your opponent is in the corner, you can cancel the strong into Byakko Soushouda (qcb punch) for a perfect meaty attack, which should catch some people off guard. Of course, you can then cancel qcb punch into SAII, but unfortunately I don’t think this can be hit-confirmed. I’m trying to do it but I’m not being very lucky. Either way, just thought I’d drop this here, and hope I found something, even if not knew, at least not very well-known :stuck_out_tongue:

This probably works on every character, but I’ve only done it against ryu so far, will try against everyone else in a minute.

EDIT: Yeah I was looking further into this and turns out this is pretty old news <_< either way, I’ve tried against Yun and only cl.jab seems to work so that seems to be something.


Hey, Thanks man but there is more work to be done.


Hmmmm yeah, the only time to use a drill kick out side of combos is for spontaneous wakeup, but reseting afterwards is okay if used sparingly.


Well im trying to learn yang. Im coming along pretty good I got his bnbs Im still working on teleporting and corner juggles. I got some big issues against Necro and Urien. Any tips on this. I practice on XBL then Hit GGPO for matches but my routers basic but im good connecting in the East Coast area If someone wants to help me level up.


Ah, I see.
I was wondering why Tokura was doing the palms after corner resets in one of the latest vids (don’t think it hit too often).


can you connect any dive kicks to a target combo>? I can hit dive kicks to stand short and I have done Dive kick to short>forward target combo and sometimes roundhouse… why ?


Yes. But the kick has to land from the opponents waist down. Damn near at the knees.


When I’ve had some Yang mirrors I noticed they will sometimes catch me with the launcher in the corner. Then they do Fierce mantis x2 and instead of ending the juggle with the 3rd mantis they just do fierce punch for a good mix up afterwards.

So how do they manage to land the Fierce in the end? I’ve tried it and it feels like the second mantis slash has too much recovery time to connect?
EDIT: Nevermind, just found out you can do Fierce Mantis, Jab mantis, Fierce Punch


Shouldn’t this be stickied???

Anyway, what are Yangs BnB block strings? When playing yangs i always get put on lock down with strings but can’t seem to figure out the sequence they are using for myself.

yes I’m new and a sf4 player


Can look out for…

meaty, close fierce x slash, UOH x ex slash

or even the classic…

slash…(pause) slash :wonder:


What is the trick to get frame advantage on Yangs dive kick? I angle it based on strength of button pressed into the OPPs belly and i still cant combo on hit.


Dive kicks for both Yun and Yang have to hit the opponent pretty late and low(around the opponent’s legs or lower) to be able to combo. It doesn’t have much hitstun advantage if you land it early, which leaves you open for a throw/karathrow.