The "Newbie Anything" Dojo


If it isn’t related to a fighting game and you need help, post it here. Just follow forum rules. No trolling, no porn, no derailing. Also I would prefer If ya kept it simple, If you have a failing relationship problem or something of that complicated sort, I suggest you go ask a close friend about it. Anyone can answer any question however, and you can discuss it for however long. since this is a game related forum, you can ask stuff about non fighting games here as well.


What’s the point of this thread?


So he won’t feel alone in the world…


o hai there. so there’s this girl i want to sex. should i …

  1. chloroform and rape her while she’s unconscious?
  2. don a ski mask, catch her in a dark alley and rape her?
  3. slip a roofie in her drunk and rape her?
  4. install a hidden camera in her bathroom and jerk off to her showering?


eh this thread could be good.


I have trboule breathing, sometimes I’ll inhale two or three times in a row instead of exhaling or the other way around. I have tried fixing this problem several times on my own, even going as far as writing the correct order on my arm as a “cheat sheet” but it still doesn’t work.
Please help.


I wanted to make a thread where people could ask legit questions about non sf shit, that wasn’t overly complicated and not related to sex/drugs/illegal activity. I thought It was a good idea, but whatever, it seems people think this is a troll or n00b thread and that I just want attention… News flash, I’ve been here for a while, you are just plainly and simply looking for excuses to troll. I only see members like you show up when someone does something a little out of srk’s norm, never doing anything else that is legitimate. You actually seem to be the same people that whine about every game that isn’t exactly like st or 3s, and that bugs me. Matter of fact I am reminded a bit by users like you of youtube’s “commenters”, which have seemly all the time in the world and use it just to troll and be bigots. Helpful Advice: Piss off.




yo dawg i axed u a serious question and you respond by getting PMS? jesus christ lets try again, and this time don’t cry so much. new question:



Kid…if you have been here for a while, you would’ve known by now that most if not all your threads are garbage.

You are not Google…shut the fuck up.


Break into her house, and wait like a ninja in a closet that she doesn’t open. Formulate a plan from there.


good, somebody who is willing to provide solutions, not whining.

whats the best way to break into a house without getting caught?