The newest Castlevania game... is a FIGHTING game!

WTF of the day

definetly, 2008 is the best year in the video game history :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

hoping that they release this game in another console besides the wii

A 2d casltevania fighter could have been nice.

WHAT?.. 2008 do it again!

But to be honest i dont get too excited with this (and im a Castlevania fan), sounds like a low-budget Soul Calibur rip-off for Wii.

If Richter will be in it, he will be top tier with that uppercut and dash of his, and don’t forget the Hydro Storm!

lol wut

To be fair, I expected this to some extent. Iga can do the fighting system in 3D no sweat; just look at LOI and CoD. It’s just the level design…

Fighting games don’t usually have that problem to worry about ^_^.

wow I was so excited until I clicked on the link…

3d? controlled with the wiimote? its on wii (which I dont have) and probably wont ever see arcade release

This could have had potential to be so awsome…

what a waste…

it might be fun to just fuck around with at the very most but its a shame we arnt gonna get a real competative Castlevania fighter as that would be fucking amazing…

Funny cuz I was actually thinking about getting into playing some of the Castlevania games. Namely Symphony of the Night since that game gets talked about all the time and it would be easy to pop in and play on my PS2.

This though…:lol:

would be cool if it didnt use the wiimote

deviljin: symphony of the night owns, play it. but look up an faq to find out how to get to the inverted castle or youll never find it.

I’m buying it just for freaking Maria.


soul steal is broken

Hopefully they’ll have GC and Arcade Stick compatibility with it. Not only wii-mote.

It’s on the Wii, I’m not looking forward to this at all =/

Between this and Mega Man 9, I don’t know what the fuck is going on today

HELL YEAH! port to PSN on PS3. please!

man, this had the potenial to be awesome, but fighting games on the Wii never turn out well

this is probably going to be a waggle fest

^ This. If Konami has any good sense, they’ll program the game with more than just waggle controls.

Part of me is quite interested, but the other is waiting for the other shoe (which has “shovelware” written all over it) to drop.

On another note, I REALLY wish that they had taken the “Power Stone” direction again. For Konami to bang out that “Rave Master” Power Stone rip-off years ago for the GCN, I would have thought such a thing would be a match made in heaven for a CV fighter of some sort.

But, we shall see…

Straight to console = Can DIAF.

Please add wi-fi connection!

Would not have believed the Pope if he told me.

Surprised? Yes. Will have to wait and see.