The newest hotfix (Out now on PSN and possibly 360)

All this info is straight from Paulo Garcia when he was hanging out in devildigimon/digimondro’s stream:

upball should have 2 more startup and 6 more recovery frames and quanchi should get out of runes faster
kl teleport inf is gone in it also
runes aren’t totally safe but way safer than before
and on rune hits its close to nuetral
Should be easier to end juggles with rune now.
cannot cancel b+3,1+2 into trance anymore, it links instead.

Skarlet’s back throw will be fixed (damage tweak) in a few days if nothing else comes up, as well as a couple of other skarlet related things.

On XBOX, I can still cancel b+3, 1+2, into trance. So, I guess we don’t have the hotfix yet. What version does the hotfix change the game to?

My game version is:


Need to be more specific on the version number. I need to know all of it.

That was all of it.

I got that version # today then went online and the # changed to 0.138S-228-3c49b339…Hotfix??? Xbox of course.

Kinda hard to test. I wish NRS were more clear about this sort of thing. Oh and the # does hold without being connected to Xbox live so hopefully that issue is fixed.

Just booted up the game. Yeah, it’s the hotfix.

really wish they weren’t patching this game so often…

yeah but better than leaving it broken…They also need to fix retarded shit like sub-zero getting less damage for more difficult to execute combo’s…

Just because it is more difficult doesn’t mean that it should do more damage. Some combos are just for flash.

Sub doesn’t really need Ermac/Kenshi damage to be top-tier, and he hits upper 30s / low 40s easily.