The Newsroom Thread: I'm on a mission to civilize

Best new show I’ve seen in a long time show is great.
I just tried to find a thread and couldn’t has this show really been on for five weeks with no thread?
Romanticized idealism, comedy…and for some reason Olivia Munn.



This show took me by surprise, it’s so well written for an hour long show. I have to rewatch episodes twice because I always miss something lol

Oliva Munn aint bad in this, she can do awkward and her comedic timing is good, which is good for her because she was terrible on comedy central

I wrote this thread literally a couple of hours ago and my Internet went out so I went to bed instead.

The first couple of episodes are great, and for anyone who has ever worked in any type of newsroom it’s very accurate save for a detail here and there. Aaron Sorkin must have spent some time absorbing an actual newsroom to get so many things right. But of course this show goes full Sorkin. It’s full of bullshit love trysts, heavy-handed messages being pounded into you, unbelievable characters, and emotionally manipulative monologues/dialogues. Last night’s episode really did me in with that shit.

The whole lovers’ quarrel at the end was really dumb and took me out of the other drama between McKenzie and TMI. McAvoy has to be one smart fucking journalists to know all that shit because journalists are known for knowing a little about everything but master of nothing. The way they replay one of the Koch brothers pretending not to know what Citizens United is very bias and makes me feel like the show is talking down to me.

I still watch so whatever.

There’s been a lot of criticism over the show, but HBO has already signed up for a 2nd season

It’s definitely a good show. Hope it stays around.

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I’m been trying to figure out where I knew Maggie from since this show came on until a half hour ago when Scott Pilgrim came on.

my only pet peeve is why does olivia munn look constantly confused when giving lines.

Sorkin fired all of his writers except for his ex-girlfriend.


You have no idea how bad I hoped he was trolling


“…averaging about two million viewers for its premiere episode.”

This one sentence makes no sense. How can you get an average on one episode? What about the other three? Me thinks ratings be dropping.

Me thinks coming at real life mega rich people on a TV show causes off screen problems

He fired all of the writers but his Ex Girlfriend so either one of two things are happening.

  1. She has dirt on him he does not want anyone to know

  2. He is still fucking her

the show is pretty funny. Jack McCoy as an alcoholic no fuck giving studio head is beyond godlike.

Because she’s not good at acting lol. Hopefully being surrounded by real actors on a show like this pushes her towards her deserved career path of doing low budget interracial gangbang pornos. It’s all she’s truly suited for.

i concur, she would be a great porn actress

He was the same guy in Law & Order. He’s so one-dimensional!

I like Olivia Munn. She’s playing a Sorkin character the way Sorkin would want it played. Deserves an Emmy imo.

Maybe she just wants food porn:

LOL I thought the orange shirt in the back was this year’s EVO shirt, I was like how the hell did I miss that shit going on in the ballroom.

Good episode tonight but now I’m just worried about what going to happen with the new writers next season.
Olivia Munn isn’t as bad as she cold be.