The Nex X-Men/Academy X (Surge, Dust, Hellion and co.) appreciation thread

Note that I ain’t using spoiler tags :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The New X-Men series that had started a few years ago and showed us the adventures and exploits of newcomers was IMHO one of the best books Marvel published at the time along with DeadPool…and other series. However this book interested me the MOST (along with DeadPool of course) for it’s great character development and action.
I feel safe to say that I may actually like these characters than the classic ones, mainly Rockslide, Dust, Surge, Hellion, X-23 & Mercury.
Also if you haven’t read the series yet, it’s collected in TPBs; it starts with The New Mutants, then goes on to The New X-Men with a sidestroy called The Hellions (which I sadly did not like).

Now for some of my favorite moments from the series-
1- Pretty much anything that had Rockslide in it was great, he’s funny and can kick ass and doesn’t care how much he gets fucked up, cuz he’ll always be ready for payback. My fav. parts are pretty much during the battle against Nimrod and the Magik arc. Oh and let’s not forget when he was hitting on Ms. Marvel XD.
2- Pretty much the Nimrod battle and Magik arc I guess, tho I did like how some characters were in it.
3- Dust kicking people’s asses by ripping off their skin and what not.


You know after reading some of the issues i actually liked the relationship Hellion and X-23 had, especially when they were looking for Mercury and they were shaking down low level crime people like The Owl.

I have to admit that i was pretty pissed that young x-man replaced new x-man. Well that and the fact that prodigy,mercury,elixer and armor didn’t get in to ‘‘devided we stand’’, hell they could have done something with indra and loa as well.

I haven’t read all of the New X-men Academy yet, but i’ve been following that groiup since New Mutants and Hellion comics. I’m SO glad they didn’t stick with the New Mutants team. That team was weak as hell! The New X-Men team is dope tho, lovin it

I really liked New X-Men. It’s a shame they seemingly ditched a lot of the characters so fast. Than again, it’s to be expected. Every iteraion of new generation X-Men falls into obscurity after awhile only to pop up years later.

Shame they stuck X-23 in Claw Brigade. She was like an interesting Wolverine. And quiet as she was, she had a vocabulary beyond snikt snikt bub too.

wow, funny that this topic would pop up. I’m about to go pick up some of the new x-men stuff tomorrow. Can’t wait :smiley:

Oh yeah if I may say something; I personally did not like the Hellions mini :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the Hellions story was kinda silly but still it shower hellion bein a dick head leader so i guess it got its point across

Never read this stuff, but I love Hellion as a character, and for me liking mutants is a rarity. He was always interesting, and his relationship with White Queen is cool.

Man I love New X-men. I have to collect all the comics. I like a lot of stories and the characters. Compared to X-factors and X-force, New X-men takes the cake. I love this series. The only other X-men series I’m collecting is Ultimate X-men since I haven’t started collecting since 6th grade so I kinda missed out on a lot of the great things that happened.

I must say, I might favor them over the old X-men team.

They need to put Anole in more books! Seriously, I hope he shows up in young x-men or some other X book soon.

I really enjoyed this book when it started. It almost jumped the shark after House of M when they offed a lot of the characters. It was starting to pick up again right before Messiah Complex. Its too bad they replaced it with Young X-Men. I really enjoyed the story where Prodigy retained all of his powers and became President.

It was kinda weird that he decides that unlocking his potential would make him “evil.” Like no matter what happens, even seeing one possibility, he would turn self righteous.

It was interesting tho.

Anyone read Generation X? It was a great team, but i think since they had no strong tie ins/crossovers with other X books, i think it justr died.

Dang and they had Bachalo too:pray:


Your wish has just been granted-

Sucks Ink is still alive tho

I really liked New X-Men under Yost and Kyle, it was brutal but the characters felt developed and had some fun adventures.

Sucks Young X-Men dropped the ball, but maybe it will get better. And hopefully kill off Ink, lamest latin would be bad boy I have ever encountered.


Some good news though, Magniks coming back.

Do you mean Magik? If so I hope her arc won’t suck.

yea she’s a good character just hard to make her work crosses fingers

She is coming back in the next big X-event aka Inferno 2, but so far there is not enough details to tell where the majority of the action will take place. Hopefully it will be a quality crossover and not a large pile of crap.

yeah magnik sorry, i was playing FFTA2 where they use the word Magniks a lot and i got side tracked. Still anything with magnik so far has been awesome so i can say with out a doubt this will to.