The Next 100 Years

An interesting read on where the world is headed in the next 100 years. Some interesting ones:

I thought this thread title was in reference to MVC2. Since it is not I am already disappointed. Unless California is breaking off to play MVC2 for 100 years.

I’ll be dead by the time any of these things happen. #14 though? Eh…the sexes need each other.

ahhh, the great MvC3 vs MvC2 war of 2054. Megaman will be released as DLC for Super Ultimate Hyper Marvel vs Capcom 3 in 2059, but the damage will be done. United States will exist as East Marvel and West Capcom. The Capcom nation will obviously stay free.

I’m more worried about California breaking off PHYSICALLY from the US.

Tell that to lesbians. Dudes will have sexbots and top quality porno. Girls will just have my jizz loaded into a modified shotgun. Oh, the parties we will have.

Early nomination for “WTF did he just say?” award right here.

17 sounds GRRRRREEEEAAAT. Hyaku nen hayai da yo!

Why English Spanish and Mandarin?

Isn’t Arabic like the 2nd most spoken language? not to mention the cultural impact that language has on religions and what not

Yeah #14 only implies artifical insemination as a means of reproduction. Heterosexual women will still need the cock for recreational reasons.

Some of this stuff reminds of Children of Men.

Speaking of which, that dude living in the woods made me laugh.
Saying how weed is still illegal yet you can buy suicide pills right off the counter with the proper prescription. I can see that happening.

War maybe? Iran trying to get the rest of the muslim world involved in a religious war could lead to arabic ceasing to exist due to various reasons. I hear french is supposed to die from a LOT of scholars too, yet try telling that to the Quebecois.

Rhode Island changes state motto to [jerk off motion].


French has been dying for decades.

When the speakers of a language refuse to allow said language to evolve in pace with the times, it is inevitable.

Fuck that… I’m putting my seed in a woman. If she even thinks about such a thing… It’s over.

As long as we have the shit from GITS then it’s all good

as long as they aren’t artificially swallowing, i’ll see how it goes. We will still have dumbass uneducated kids getting knocked up the old fashioned way

Shit. Well I’m glad I’ll be dead by then.

I’m more amazed at the thought of civilization surviving another 100 years…

I put money on Yellowstone destroying earth in 100 years (Give or take a few 10 thousand years)

Seriously though. Thats what will end it all.

One nation world government could happen, but I doubt it will. As long as the whole concept of ideology exist, I seriously doubt ANYONE would actually participate in this. Though I think most of the world is controlled by the world bank and IMF now, the whole idea of nations are reliant on people and not finance. The only way I can see there being a one government world is if somehow Islam or communism gained power and became a super power. But I honestly can’t see that happening anytime soon. If anything communism and Islam are weak in their influence on the West. Let’s hope that it stays that way.