The next art challenge... INPUT pls!

seems like there’s some interest in doing a new art challenge* to liven things up around here. So, I guess let’s put it to a vote. We need everyone’s participation to make these things work, so please suggest stuff that you’re interested in seeing a variety of artwork on.

So post up your suggestions (whether it’s Marvel / DC / etc). The themes shouldn’t be too esoteric though… we should be able to find some reference pics through Google image search or something.

I will open up another thread next Monday with a poll.

  • For those who are uninitiated into what an art challenge is… Ron (CHAiNwhore) started this with the SFA3 fan art challenge, in which the objective was for participants to draw a certain character a week. So in week 1, everyone drew Ryu, week 2 Dhalsim, week 3 Rose, and so on. The fun of this is seeing everyone’s different renditions of the same character. Subsequent fan art challenges were for SF3, KOF, Guilty Gear and Darkstalkers, organized by various members on SRK.

I’d love to see a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Warzard (Wouldn’t take very long challenge) Show the CPS3 system some love. Random, I know, but I love these games.


Draw our WoW chrcters!

That, or female versions of ur fave Marvel/DC heroes. I did a female Collosus, female Captain America… u get d idea ^^

Warzard actually sounds pretty good to me too, also seems like something people might be able to stick with since it really is a small roster. My second choice is virtua fighter lol, I’d love to see something other than 3d renders of some of those guys.

Street Fighter 4 character designs.

Kind of like… make Garou: Mark of the Wolves type remakes of the characters.


New characters?
Does Mel take Ken’s spot on the roster (what does he looks like then)?
Has Ryu finally reached “that plane” where he is a master and an finally go toe to toe with Akuma?
Speaking of Akuma, how have the last few years treated him?
Is Chun Li gonna make another appearance? Or have an apprentice take her place?
Who else returns? Or has their apprentices/kids/whatever take their place?
Blanka? Dan? Guile?

So on and so forth…

Don’t let Udon have all the fun with the Street Fighter Universe.

i agree with cap. warzard and jojo sound awesome. if not that then i vote for motw or rival schools/ project justice XD

Not sure if any of you are members of Satellitesoda but in the past they had some really cool art battles/challenges where they would pick one character (mario/link/astroboy etc) and everyone would draw their own interpretation/style of the character. The challenges were usually about a week long. The variety and the styles for each battle were pretty diverse as well. It just too bad that they have stopped these types of battles and basically went more towards 1 on 1.

warzard sounds like a good one

I don’t care how, but someone do art of Devilot.

Plz <3

Or Midnight Bliss

I’m all for that mrdandy.I wouldn’t mind that challenge.We shall call it The SRK Midnight Bliss FanArt Challenge

hold up…

midnight bliss street fighter sounds pretty hot


right now, im kinda interested in comic stuff (marvel, dc…), but the the result doesnt matter to me as long as there a challenge…btw anyone know where is chainwhore?


…tech romancer…

MB is always good, I wonder just what series gets it :stuck_out_tongue:

Marvel Super Heroes.

The midnight bliss idea sounds fun too.

Either way lets try to keep it short so people won’t feel overwhelmed with catching up and stuff.

midnight bliss one also sounds awesome

There was a couple Street Fighter challenges, a Guilty Gear and a Darkstalkers… I’d just keep it simple with a fighting game near by them types.
I’ll add a suggest for a Rival Schools character select fan art challenge.
The other suggestions so far were fine as well.

Also I suggest for the character order generally following where a cursor on the character select screen might move, as was the first CSFAC.

That would be cool we could restrict it to the 8 selectable dude of the World Warrior cast.

It’d be cool to draw the cast as ladies.

Marvel Super Heroes or Xmen Children of the Atom would be cool too.

So many good ideas in this thread!

I’d also be down for a Capcom Fighting Allstars Challenge too. Haggar, Rook, Ingrid, DD, Stirder, Poison, Batsu, Akira, Ryu, Chun Li. I did a real shoddy allstar group pic yonks ago