The next art challenge... VOTING!

OK, I’ve taken most of the ideas submitted in the topic nomination thread, but I did leave out a couple:

SF2/4 , AOF, FF redesigns. I’m thinking that these will be very hard to structure the art challenge around, since it’s not just redesigning existing characters but adding in new ones / replacement characters. I’m thinking we need a strong sense of direction so everyone can keep motivated to stay on track.

Midnight Bliss. You’re probably wondering why I left this out. Well, it’s not in the poll because you need a theme to midnight bliss in the first place. I’m suggesting that whatever topic comes out on top in the voting process, artists will have the option of going midnight bliss in their artwork (so if MSH wins, TRT can go ahead in show us what a MB’d Shuma-Gorath looks like).

ok, enough talk. start voting, people :slight_smile:

damn, lots of good choices…umm. my head tells me to pick jojo, but my heart tells me to pick tech romancer.

a true hero always chooses with his heart!


Some really good suggestions.
Good thinking Rook. If the game I vote for doesn’t win I can always Midnight bliss the characters I don’t dig.

A tough choice this time around, But I have to stay true to my favorite:


Metal Gear Solid or Warzard for me plz.

Everything else we’ve already done basically, yes I just basically said Capcom recycles it’s designs.

Deal with it.

( also the character casts are too big and we all lose interest, don’t act like that’s not true )

The next one we need to branch out, do marvel super heros probably and then try something different.

Like Hellboy or something, I dunno.

MSH for me. Been itching to draw Magnus for awhile.


Metal Gear!!!



MGS 1 characters NO CONTEST

this poll is confusing !!! ~~




Do all people really going to draw something for what they voted for? Anyway i hope next challenge doesn’t have anything to do with games. Oh and i’m currently the only one who voted for cyberbots.

i picked jojo, but deep down inside.

i wanted mgs.

mgs is not bad, and when will we start?

Still 3 days of voting to go isn’t there?

If metal Gear wins maybe SFMC will come out of hiding :wink:

HOLY CRAP! i never thought rs/pj would REALLY jump into the lead. ^^;

jojo or warzard ftw!

EDIT: oops ^^; i guess i didn’t look all the way down to mgs…

If RS/PJ wins I am going to take a raincheck on this contest.

We already did all those designs when we did Alpha 3.

never played mg sooo im out on this one

Damnit I just realised drawing Warcraft characters would rock as hell.:nunchuck:

OHHH damn! I was just thinking about how cool it would be to do a jet set radio art challenge, I should have suggested it sooner