The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



Holy crap he’s huge!

V-Skill: Hungabee

Abigail thrusts his sizeable belly forwards (either high or low) countering the opponent’s attack and setting himself up for a combo opportunity.

V-Trigger: Max Power

After popping his two-bar V-Trigger, Abigail can charge up his four different heavy punches for one hit of armour and extended juggles. A full charge will break the opponent’s guard.

Critical Art: Abigail Special

Abigail slams his opponent with a downward open-palm strike that puts them into a daze. He then hoists them into the air, pummels them like a makeshift speedbag before launching a savage hook that shatters the screen.


His command dash into the back splash reminds me a lot of Riptor from Killer Instinct. Which is cool since Riptor was my girl in Kay Eye



Rewatching that trailer, it seems his charged normals are only available in V trigger. Or at least they only show him doing them during V-trigger.


I want a proper showcase of this character ASAP.


I love the grab where he steps on your back and then kicks you away. So much personality.


The thing I’m most excited for with this character is seeing what weight Capcom gives him. I’m guessing 799 lbs.


When did Capcom hire Rob Liefeld to design their characters?


Abigail looks stupid. At the very least they could have designed him to look consistent with the rest of the cast, but he looks like a character from Battleborn.

Truthfully though, he looks like someone I would probably main… in a better game.




And all this time I thought Abigail from Final Fight was a black dude? He looks stupidly big, can’t wait to see Zangief pile drive him lol


Did anyone see him actually jump? I have a weird feeling about this


I wonder if he’s “throwable”… Some throws and command grabs will look really weird on him.
For example, Chun back throw. She needs to reach his head to make the animation viable. I can’t imagine Capcom will let the 3D models mess with each other just like that.
I just can’t imagine Laura’s super on him right now lol


Final Fight character so I guess I gotta. The choice of Abigail still baffles me, must be due to story reasons. So many good bosses in FF, but they chose a headswap of Hugo.

He looks fun and that alternate he has looks legit, so I’ll be trying him. I’ve wanted a giant character in the game for a while, Hugo in Ultra was stupid amounts of fun.


It’s not his height that’s weird, it’s the size of his head compared to the rest of his body. That and his legs look hella small compared to the rest of him. I just don’t like his proportions. That said, I’ll probably try to play him cause he’s from Final Fight


The Hugo inspiration seems clear to me (run, wall bouncing punch) although his other options look very different.
His “roll with hitbox” is likely a crouching kick, maybe cr. MK.
The two parries seem likely candidates to be his V-Skill.
I still wonder how he will be able to fit the screen, especially when jumping, given that he looks to be bigger than Gief. Will they just zoom out the camera like they did in KI with Aganos/Gargos/Eyedol?

P.S. the more I watch the trailer the more I wanna play him. And I don’t even like massive hulky characters damn




Something about him that I found particularly exciting is that you can combo after landing his counter. It appears to be a legit counter too, not like Akumas party.


After watching the trailer again those moves don’t look like counters or parries. They are more like armored normals, except they parry instead of taking gray life.
They aren’t counters because the full animation seems to trigger whether they parry or not.

edit: guess it’s a counter after all

Also the roll looks to be his sweep, two hits (one high one low) and the first one might be (?) cancellable.