The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



Wow, so according to the official frame data regular versions of Giant Flip are 0, +1 and +2 on block. Looks like it will be his standard ender to make normals safe on block.
Oh and his overhead is +3 on hit, which means it might link into a light on CH?
Yep, it works. You can link st. LP xx L Abigail Punch.


Only hughe normals if possible; Maybe c.HP as Crushcounterwakeup with LP GiantFlip
The Startup of Giantflip is so long that it could still be unsave to cancle^^


It’s not a true blockstring but he’s airborne and the worst he’ll take is an air reset.
Actually I’ll just test what is true and what isn’t.

st. MP, b+HP and f+HP xx L Giant Flip are true blockstrings. Cancelling into H Giant Flip seems to go over many normals.
cr. HP xx L Giant Flip is actually a frame trap.




Abigail looks really powerfull and fun. Will try him out. Problem is I don’t have much time, and learning Alex took me already long enough haha.
But it’s going to be fun to have two big fighters on the pouch, just in case hehe


Anyone managed to find something to do on wakeup after a command grab? I know he can do a meaty st. HP, but on CC I can only connect a Giant Flip (or EX flip into juggles). If I walk or dash forward I end up just resetting him.



His oki just overall seems a bit rough but that’s what im gonna be testing out later tonight when i got time.


What I’m finding is folks really freak if you get them close to the corner. Usually free to a back step charge hp crush.

I love Abby… played over 100 matches with him. Faced off against PGX ice in a casual set. He doesn’t struggle against Guile as bad as I thought he would.

Tip against Guile… his v skill boom can be negated with b+hp cancelled into v skill.


He is surprisingly fun! I think I may main him hah.


What is the math behind cr.hp xx l.giant flip to make it a frame trap? I tried it and it works, but I don’t understand why it works.

I wanted to add that vtrigger increases damage by around 15-20%.


His options after that CC seems to be dash c.hp h/ex punch or dash ex smash f.hp xx l smash


Anyone do the math on the scaling after a guard crush hp? It seems pretty big


Depends on the cancel window I guess. Giant Flip cancels relatively soon off cr. HP so it kinda removes the disadvantage of cr. HP on block.
It’s pretty huge imho, because cr. HP has enormous range and it basically forces them to respect it unless you have armor or reversals.


Fine. FINE. I was tired of SF5, but Abigail’s brought me back for a little while. Lacking 7500 fight monies to buy him right before the coming weeklies, so I should be able to grab him soon without paying cash.

I guess it helps that I’m coming right off of playing Birdie. Abigail seems like Birdie on literal steroids with better combo options.




Why not? ;p


Logged in yesterday just to purchase Abby. Still haven’t gotten a chance to play. Loving all the footage coming out.


I suck at this game but getting bodied by FANG is new. How… Do you get in.


I really want to like Abby, but I feel like a scrub when I when and lose.
Ah fuck it, I’m having fun.
Go team poutine.

Edit: Send halp. I’m getting my ass kicked by a silver Ken T_T