The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



He has some scrubby stuff no doubt. But his charged buttons and run mix ups I think are legit. It’s early… don’t get caught up in that too much right now.

Use what ever works until it doesn’t, then work on the real I’d say.


What the hell, does Abigail Nitro charge need to do damage? If i hit or something like i step on their toe and if i go for Abigail Grab they whiff and im punished big time for it.

Also im at a impass on his attack range… on one hand it’s good, on the other it moves his entire hurt box with it… im getting hit because he’s too slow to play footsies but i think im outside of range to go for a safe poke and he still gets stuffed.


This is by far the most annoying thing I’ve dealt with in my time playing as Abigail so far.


Is my stick shit or is Nitro Charge buggy?

When i do nitro charge sometimes he just runs and doesn’t register any following input…i feel like it only bugs out when i use the following moves for nitro charge and everything else registers normally…

I just replaced my buttons like 2 months ago too.


Just played this matchup a few times. It’s not as bad as one would think:

Ex run>punch is your best friend against fang. Armors through his 2 hit bullshit and gives you a crumple into massive damage.

Once in v trigger you can BHP his fireballs into ex run and approach with that. Once you’ve crumpled fang a few times for just hitting buttons then you can just let the run go and command grab his bitch ass.

If he’s applying the nutty fang pressure then your best bet is v reversal out. Don’t be afraid to Do running K either as a pre emptive measure against fireballs. You can be punished, but it’s fang so it doesn’t really hurt that much.

All in all, stock that meter and ex armor through his BS till he gets some respect.

If you have no meter then regular run is still an option, not a great one but the risk versus reward can be in your favor and will force fang to use 2 hit moves later on down the line which is what sets up your ex run.

V trigger ex run is nutty because you get armor in the dipping portion of your run, making it even better.

I’ve just played a few games against a decent fang and I started off getting bodied then started to body him. Take a look at my matches “Dime_x” is the CFN.


I’ve seen some solid parry options to deal with his poison balls.


Bonus Abby setup if you are already in v trigger: CC, dash, wiff cr.lp, charge hp full:

Beats block
Beats reversal throw
Beats wakeup jabs
Beats backdash
Beats jump

Loses to multihit reversals

To beat multihit reversal do the same setup but delay the charged hp by a couple of frames.


It also happens to me…


cr. MK xx EX Abigail Punch connects at max range. Seems pretty nice for footsies.


seems to be an issue with other players too… this breaks the characters straight up… and makes him completely nonviable.


I need to watch some videos and see what pros are doing. I’m not getting any respect as Abby: peeps just bum-rush me and his slow normals get beat. Cammy wrecked me, and Vega just ate me alive. I thought FANG would be a nightmare but I’ll take that advice to heart posted above.

If you don’t get respect as abby, you are in for a hard time due to his lack of wake-up options. Luckily his health means he will have plenty of v-trigger stock.

One thing I did notice is crouching MP has crazy range and catches back dashers. My Hugo days from 3rd Strike (never got into 4) are way in the past so I’m extremely rusty at moving the big lug around. Surprisingly Ken is an even matchup (despite my losses, I know what I should be doing, just need to work on executing). Ryu/Ken get frustrated when they cant just throw non-stop fireballs.


Yeah Vegas tear me to shreds lol


Abigail has an 8 frame startup on jumps that can be canceled into special moves, causing other moves (like throw loops) to wiff. I hope this was intentional, he needs help on wake-up:

Anyways, it beats throw loops and command grabs. Looks like a bug tho.

Pardon me, but I don’t know how to embed twitter video :-/


I already explained what is going on with the Nitro Charge not doing any moves from it. Check previous page


also fuck abigail. Cant even use nitro because of the glitch vs guile… 0-10 matchup.


sorta like q (specifically TM).


I did that shit against an Alex today.

It’s really fucking strong.


Not sure if posted:


Any tips on how to link B.HP HP into B.HP HP in v-trigger? I know you have to charge for a bit but it seems inconsistent for me.


I put together the entirety of Abigail’s frame data in image format for those who can’t or don’t want to connect to CFN site.