The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



Not feeling his normals. Guess I got spoiled with Ed. Idk, they’re just weird. Most of his aerial moves feel slow as hell and impractical.
Funny enough I ran a set with someone using Ed, pretty much everything beat St. LP, be it preemptive or on reaction. Its weird seeing a characters entire arm clip through another character and then get hit.

Edit: my timing was off but it still feels janky. Jumping mp is a good preemptive jump normal. I find almost 0 use for his other jump buttons other than crossup mk. Points to Capcom for making an original character again though,


I rarely ever jump with him. His ground normals control space well enough. I mean cr. MP hits literally from half screen away. Where is your god Alex??


My main complain is that they didn’t call Abigail’s super move “Abigail’s Super Move”.


Alex is like double the speed of it though. I played hella sets against alex against a fellow SRK member today and Abigail totally doesn’t out button Alex like you think he would. That and alex can mostly freely go crazy on the boot cause abigail won’t ever punish it with tiny, and it basically doubles as anti air too cause of the awkward jump angle abigail has.

Ain’t no nightmare match or nothing, but Abigail totally doesn’t outfootsie Alex by any real margin.


Playing Abigail is like controlling one of Ibuki’s bomb. I never know what side people are.


Any tips on fighting a button heavy Bison that likes to devil reverse often?


v-skill owns DR for free, when hes about to land on you just rock it and you got him beat. A v-skilled DR you can always at least get a off it, or if you quick on the draw you cancel it into HP abigail punches.

As for stuff like the buttons, keep in mind v-skill armour starts on frame 3, so the usual shit of st.rh, whatever blockstrings you can just down vskill it and get a combo.

I have been playing a lot of Abi last few days and Bison so far anyways, is the only match I think Abigail actually wins.


I thought down vskill only worked on low moves or normals?


Does Abigail get anything off of his command grabs? And what about vskill parry vs a air attack? They go into some weird float animation but the only thing I’ve been able to follow up with is a CA.


You can special cancel his parry, I suggest going into MP Giant Flip when you AA with it.


Abigail Punch works after parrying and air attack. I’m guessing EX Abigail Flip works too. Evil Canadian says you can also juggle with CrMP. Idk what else would work.


I find that Abigail Punch is inconsistent after AA parry but MP Giant Flip has worked every time. It also gives better knockdown advantage I think.


stand v-skill gets everything but crouching moves
crouch v-skill gets crouching moves(not just lows)

certain moves you can get with both like necalli v-skill.


soo faar im only using his parry when someone thinks he can crush cunter his run^^


You can special cancel it, as mentioned. I think even nitro charge kick works after an AA parry. Keep in mind it uses a bit of the juggle, so if you go AA parry ex flip, f.hp or won’t hit, so you’ll have to end the combo with H Abigail punch.



the same like in SF4 with Focus Atack on Wkeup REVERSALS will crush them…


Totally not the case, wakeup reversals still don’t stop the punch from happening.


Not even multi hitting? Is the punch the one with 100 hits of armor?


From what I know: Abigail’s charged punch should have 2 1 hit of armor, however once the punch is fully charged in the few frames between charge completion and activation Abigail gets 100 hits of armor (which is basically unlimited armor).