The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread


#241 into trigger has an interesting issue. Its plus on block which is nominally great, but the problem is too plus on block at least by my testing. It’s at least +14(maybe more?) which means you can’t tick grab or even hit a button to force a counterhit because nothing is slow enough to actually let them have time to hit any button.

The fierce’s are too slow to stop a 3f after it not that you’d want em anyways cause they are death on block up close.


Have you guys found a good conversion for EX RUN PUNCH and Vskill on hit?


What the fuck do you do against Akuma? 3 hit fireball kills most of our anti projectile tools, and his stupid easy offense tears us to shreds on wakeup. Air fireball laughs off anti airs.


vskill ->cr.hp mp punches
vskill(cancel hit into) ->ex run punch, cr.hp mp punches

fanciest I got so far, just whether or not you wanna burn a bar or not.


If Akuma gets too lax with his red fireball that’s the time to use heavy Giant Flip (half circle backward + punch), in my experience it goes over the red fireball and should even hit Akuma because of his slow recovery. If he blocks he’s also screwed because heavy Giant Flip is +2 on block.

Air fireballs are annoying across the cast, not really sure what’s the safest way to handle them. The safe player in me tells me to block, the yolo player in me tells me to try absorbing the fireballs with EX Run then punish Akuma as he descends. I don’t know if that works though.


Standing Vskill> ex run punch b.hp m Abigail punch does 317, you just need to hit the punch as close to the guy as possible.
The best options after that are ex punch H command grab at 296, b.hp>hp at 293 and c.hp H Abigail punch at 290.


This character is actually amazing.

It’s about time Street Fighter had a broken big body character.


EX Run > V-Skill apparently counters both high and low attacks at the same time and can parry supers, no other version of V-Skill does this.



Working on the abigail oki video (which i will have up in a day or two finally)

abigails oki fucking sucks overall HOWEVER

lp punches in the corner is where its at. He can cover all 3 rises(stand/backroll/norise) in the same setup and can potentially loop back into itself depending on where you get em.

So consider this a teaser for the video or whatever.


Even though Abigail’s mid-screen oki is ass, at least it actually matters when he does catch you.



I wonder what pro will rep Abby. I wish it isn’t Poongko, cause his Kolin is cool.



It would be cool if Abigail punches ended with the same CRACK as his forward throw, just to punctuate the impact of that last punch.


They should probably increase the size of most of Abi’s hurtboxes, I see lots of stuff whiff that should have hit him.


so AlucardF3, Stupendous, StormKubo and Kindevu all used him this weekend during the CPT events.


Infexious too. And we had Team Abigail in Japan Cup.
I wonder who will main him that isn’t Stormkubo.


yeah I meant Infexious not Stupendous. He looked good with him, he just needs more time.


Took longer to make than I originally said cause I am a bum who started playing guild wars 2 again :frowning:

But here ya go