The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



Abigail in the second clip


Holy crap is Abigail op!!
I watched my cousin make all the way up to Diamond rank in just a few days
Which is crazy because his actual mains (Akuma, Ken) could only get him up to Ultra gold?!

I don’t like Abigail as a character, but maybe i should join the party and pick him as well?


No. You’re impure. Your lust for power makes you undeserving of playing him.


Power is everything!


Anybody know what has quicker whiff recovery, run -> punch or run -> parry? I’m thinking of what’s better for baiting reaction DP’s / Flash Kicks, let the hit get absorbed by the run armour, intentionally whiff punch or parry then punish the recovery of their attempted reversal.


Yeah not necessarily a crush counter punish, the idea is to just get in. B.hp xx hp target combo should work and give us oki if we’re close enough. I’ll need to test.


Is it just me or does Ed take a huge shit on Abigail


I’m starting to think that might be the case too, his switching between dashing in or charging V-Skill makes it really hard to read and react to what you need to be doing in neutral against him. He can basically continually pester you with little risk and is always ready to AA if you try to jump in on a V-Skill, which is basically your only opening.


Hey guys. Jumping back in after a year+ gone. Was running into quite a few Alex players last night and ran into some trouble. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out how to deal with most everything else but seeing as I don’t have him unlocked I can’t figure out any options to deal with a blocked f.hp.


V-Reversal is your best answer vs f.hp if it’s point-blank, otherwise you are in a raw mixup and have to straight guess between command grab and frame trap. If it’s not point blank though he might try to walk forward and command grab you, in that case just walk back after blocking because Alex has no real low pressure from that kind of range.

Think of it this way, if Alex got close enough to you to use his f.hp point blank then you already went wrong somewhere, you need to try to keep him out.


Anybody with great movement is going to be tough for Abigail. He has to commit a lot to where he decides to move since he has huge hit/hurt boxes and committal dash movement that doesn’t move that far… He can take up a lot of the screen, but if he’s fighting a character that can move all around it then he’s going to be in bad positions a lot of the time vs that character.


What is he supposed to do against guile


Guess. Bad match, straight. Back hp to cancel boom xx run at close range can help a bit if he’s trying to go for another boom but if he sees it coming he can just jump over you. Use HP flip over a hard boom read.

You can try to stuff boom startup from range with if you somehow get enough frame advantage.


Do you guys have a reliable way to chain B + HP in V-Trigger mode? I’ve seen Poongko do it super reliably at times and than other times I see it whiff. To me the timing seems super tough.

Also, Menat seems like a rough match-up for Abby, though I can’t really tell if you can parry the orbs from behind you, it doesn’t seem to work.


FANG and Menat are straight 7-3 against Abigail.

Just horrible matchups, especially FANG. Starting to think that is an 8-2 even.


I’ve had some luck against FANG by trying to parry during his blockstrings. I was getting some good mileage out of it after he used standing HP. Standing HK goes over the the grounded gas special. I haven’t had much experience against Menat yet, but doesn’t look great lol


What are some setups I can use while in v trigger?


@A10metal What do you mean? Setups for guaranteed guard crush?

If so here’s one:


Who’s the best Abigail to study from? I’ve heard Poongko is good, but typically he’s always been a bit too derpy for my taste.


I like StormKubo and Infexious’ Abigails.