The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



Do you guys think our big boy is gonna get nerfed going into SFVAE?


Not particularly.

Though if the characters worse than Abi get buffed generally, Abi might end up worse off in a relative sense.


Infexious is great whoever he plays


Changes I want for Abigail going into S3. These are all with the assumption that other characters will also be balanced to the same degree.

  1. Reduce the whiff recovery of a successful parry. Make it a bit easier for Abigail to combat double-hit fireballs from mid / full screen with b+hp xx parry. This is probably the biggest thing I want on this list, I want to be able to be smart about my parries and get rewarded for using it, getting the timing right and still eating shit from a jumpin is kinda dumb.
  2. Let parry build V-Gauge regardless if the followup hits. Maybe he gets half from the parry and then the other half for the hit.
  3. Remove crumple from EX run xx punch but increase damage to 200, same knockback as regular run xx punch. Winning rounds off landing this randomly is dumb. This is a buff to his f+hp juggle combos though.
  4. Make all versions of run xx punch safer on block. I don’t want it to be safe at point blank but let me space this thing to be safe, it’s not even that fast, regular version is only 100 damage and the punch itself isn’t even armoured.
  5. Make f+hp 8 frames from 10 and gain AA hitbox faster. Expand AA hitbox backward to cover his head. Abigail isn’t a fast character so he can’t move back to get his head out from under jumpins where st.lp isn’t as reliable and I doubt anyone wants Abigail’s st.lp to be made a better AA. Increase horizontal hitbox further away from Abigail to catch jumpaways more consistently.
  6. Remove ability to juggle a second b+hp,hp in V-Trigger OR reduce the damage / stun of b.hp,hp. This only reduces his optimal VT combo damage by about 10% but it stops him from being able to stun you for 1 mistake. See below for full math. I prefer to remove the juggle than reduce the damage / stun of b.hp,hp because uncharged b.hp,hp is necessary to use throughout the round.

Damage reduction from removing 2x b.hp juggle math:

Before: 115+(1030.9)+(1030.8)+(1030.7)+(1030.6)+(1380.5)+(4030.5) = 695

After: 115+(1030.9)+(1030.8)+(1380.7)+(4030.6) = 628

All of these changes are made with the view that S3 is gonna be less of a “I caught you once so you lose” type of game. Abigail is still gonna be a heavy hitter and as fun as 700 damage combos are, he can’t exist how he is now in the game that I want SFV to be.


“Balance? Who needs that?” Abigail’s win quote sums the game up


Hey guys just wondering what jump ins you find hard to deal with. I don’t have any specific examples right now but I find there are some well spaced jump ins and strong jumping normals that make AA with f.hp difficult. Mostly ending in a trade but that’s not necessarily what I want lol. Do you guys try to go for the f.hp AA often or do you rely on LP? If so why? Also is there a discord or something other than srk for abi players?


Lp or vskill for anti airs. F hp too slow and abi too big to ris it most of the time unless it’s a total read. Lp and vskill much better reactionary moves.


Jab is a very good anti air. You can cancel it into run or flip and get some nasty mix ups against unsuspecting opponents.
V-skill is a very good anti air as well. It can be very effective against cross ups that might be hard to anti-air with jab. You can’t get too predictable with V-skill though. Smart players will start empty jumping, and punishing your parry, so make sure to mix up with the 2.

You can also use ex-run > Grab, but its pretty gimmicky.


made up new vid for abigail ae combos


Oki vid up now


Trilogy complete


So does anyone have any experience and knowledge to drop on the Juri match up? Rarely see her online and when I do I don’t know when to check her if I’m on defence. Currently one of the match ups I’m going to lab out when I get the chance to since I’m expecting to see more of her this season. Kolin too but one mu at a time.


Itazan and Snake Eyes better enjoy Abi while they can Season 3. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to be nerfed HARD mid season starting with that damage output…


Am I the only one who doesn’t think avoiding Abigail’s headcrush v trigger 2 attack is hard? Just jump over it, lol. Granted, it can become unblockable if set up correctly, but then you get heavy damage scaling. Just saying.

It is cool that the v trigger 2 attack headcrush can be tacked onto his QCF+P in combos for extra damage, hits, and corner carry. It’s also cool how it can be cancelled into Super!


Yeah his vt2 is best used for comboing into or releasing early to catch jump aways. I use it over vt1 just because I’m impatient and tend to kill myself trying to get in so vt2 is kind of a god send for me.


Gief is really a free matchup for Abigail
Abigail can just spam C.LP for entire day, and S.LP for anti-air to victory.
It is kinda a fucking joke.


RIP Abigail 2017 - 2018


Abigail died so Gief and Alex could live.

Abigail’s VTC CC damage got rekt. Only pushing about 350 after his max damage shit now. Lost oki off of run grab and mashed abi punches. Both lose to 3 frames now. Can only get b+HP off mashed punches in corner. c.LKx2, s.LP mash punches doesn’t work except for EX punches, but EX punches will whiff after first hit. @a10metal is crying about him.



It’s no secret that Abigail’s power is extraordinary. I’d say his brute strength is reminiscent of George Foreman’s.