The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



His hurtbox is smaller than what it looks like so the ship hasn’t sailed on that one yet. He might also be able to punish those jumpback normals on hit, maybe. Never know but it’s hard to imagine capcom doing that to him in streetfighter. If it were marvel that would be a totally different story.


Important question, is Abigail going to be tournament legal?


Of course, ain’t nothing about him fundamentally changes the game.


Fuck that. Keep Sagat as he is and let Abigail make bitch meat out of him like Hugo does to him in USF4.


As someone who will always try to main the biggest, dumbest, baddest motherfuckers in any fighting game I play, this character is a god damn godsend.

I’m gonna be a dedicated member of the swole patrol, obliterating fuckers with this GROWN MAN.

25th is too far away.


Damn it, just realized the 25th is the day my pregnant wife is scheduled to have labor induced.



Congrats. Man


@Zachara making the switch to Abi?


Unless he was talking about the 1 or 2 week CPT rule. Probably wasn’t though.


hurtbox has nothing to with pushbox.


I’ve warmed up more to him after processing the initial reaction. He does look like he’s fun to play to be honest. Credit due where it’s due; kolin and ed are interesting and very original. If the trend continues then it can’t be a bad thing. I remember hugo in USFIV being lots of fun to use. Everyone called him trash tier until kubo picked him up and made proceeded to obliterate bonchan. I’m looking forward to seeing what high level abi play looks like.


Nah mate.
I’d have to still have SFV installed for that.


why do you have characters listed in your sig.



I’m actually pretty excited for this, might even boot up SFV after WSO finishes



gonna trash on his design a little bit. Too many tires, it’s way too repetitive in his regular costume.


so Abigail was always seen as caucasian/white?


he was white in FF, he’s white


Yeah he’s only black in that CFN drawing thing, and ain’t nobody in the game looks like they do in those drawings.

Conversely, he was sick in that drawing and now he’s healthy again. Worked for Birdie, works for Abigail.