The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



He doesn’t even look black in the CFN mock-up, he just looks tanned


Besides Canadians do not have skin colour, we are all just canadian. To assign race to a Canadian is in itself, racist.


not even a shine of maple :pensive:




He has an infinite EX :wow:


It seems like this can kill fireballs while he’s not in V-Trigger and can reflect them while he’s in V-Trigger…


If it’s a reflect then that means it doesn’t matter how many hits the fireball does, return that shit to sender. Against fireball matchups you’re going to want to hold onto V-Trigger as long as possible, so no charging st.hp unless you have a really strong opportunity for it.

You might even be able to reflect the first of the two fireballs Fang throws out to get them to collide into each other.

Abigail is READY. No 8-2 matchups here.


Please accept me into the fold Abigail brothers. I was lost… but now am found.


He was low-key my fave boss from FF1 and he looks incredible here. I can’t wait!


I wonder if they will mention that Cody defeated Abigail


Alright, so I think I figured out why everyone is suddenly liking Abigail’s looks a lot more. I think in his initial trailer and introduction videos, it was an older build or bugged or something, because his proportions were permanently V-Trigger size. People were even commenting saying how his alt-costumes made him look better because his proportions weren’t as exaggerated. You can see below at the 2 minute mark he doesn’t shrink when V-Trigger expires:

But below, at the 2hr 39m 17s mark you can clearly see his muscles shrink, particularly his shoulders, when V-Trigger runs out:

Edit: Happens again at 2h 42m 47s


When I first seen the trailer I was like…what was Capcom thinking? But now that I’ve seen him play, I’m kind of interested. I like his long reaching normal. Looks like he has potential.


Threw together a quick GIF to illustrate the point, bigger Abigail is from the introduction video and smaller Abigail is from the WSO session video:


Swole patrol, I like it.

Yeah I’d probably play Abigail if I played this game.


I think sf5 is pretty garbage but I might play it to join the swole patrol


Glad they realized how retarded he looked.

Before it looked like he just had elephantitis.


I think they knew all along, and just used the model as a placeholder so they could work on the gameplay while they are finishing the graphics.


Just to confirm.
I liked Abobogail.


FWIW he doesn’t look white in FF. He’s brown skinned in the game, and he’s got a box cut in that contemporary illustration of the whole FF cast.

I think the car thing is tacked on for kids though. They should have just made him a metal head. Realistically they must have had issues of overlap with Birdie’s design.


He doesn’t look particularly black to me. His skin is brighter than both Guy and Haggar.
These are all official artworks for Abigail from FF:

There’s only two artworks where he doesn’t appear as white skinned, in one of them he’s red (because he’s in an angry pose) and the other one is the Capcom SFV encyclopedia entry.
I really don’t see where the idea he’s not white skinned comes from.