The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread



This was the art I was talking about. edit: from the Super Famicom version AFAIK

And why would you say Haggar and Guy are browner?




He’s tanned.


Here’s the artwork at a better resolution:

He’s neither tanned nor black. He’s in rage mode. He had that in the original Final Fight game too. (His VT is an obvious tribute to that)

His skin color varies with the game version, but at best it’s a darker shade of pink.


Yeah ok. Still he’s not clearly white. Brown skinned.


Who cares. They turned Birdie from white to black, they ain’t afraid to shift skin tones for whatever reason.


Blanka used to be yellow.


Final Fight is such a manly game


…Are you colorblind? I mean he even has the smoke coming out of his head.

Look I have another proof he’s not white!!!


So he just straight up gets bodied by Fang right?


Not necessarily. Can still walk and block to get in on projectiles, and he doesn’t even need to make it all the way in because his normals out range Fang’s by a lot.

Kind of think Guile will be worse because he’s more of a threat with damage even after Abi gets in range.


Looking forward to Abigail. Big and tough with command grabs yeah i’m game. Not sure why his Dynamite Punch is unsafe on block guess you’ll have to distance it properly to not get countered.


Even though it’s hella minus on block he does pull back some distance from the punch, so you might only eat sub-optimal ranged punishes or depending on the character, no punish at all.



I know, I mean in the original game.



I think I noticed Nitro Charge > Avalanche Press (overhead leg-drop followup from run) has a hit of armour, so theoretically when in V-Trigger (Nitro Charge gets 1 hit of armour when holding the crouched pose when in V-Trigger), and depending on how quickly you can transition from Nitro Charge > Run > Avalanche Press, you can get:

[] 1 hit of armour EX Nitro Charge (hold)
] 2 hits of armour EX Nitro Charge (run)
[*] 1 hit of armour Avalanche Press
= 4 hits of armour on a ranged overhead attack. We’ll need to test how quickly we can get this whole sequence to come out if we just want to plow through shit.

What I’d also be interested in learning is what the startup on the armour for Nitro Charge (hold) is when in V-Trigger, I’m not sure if that’s been tested. Abigail could essentially have focus backdash with Nitro Charge back-roll when in V-Trigger if the armour is frame 1.


Yeah seeing him playing more like SFIV gief. Steadily making his way towards you where SFV Gief just has to guess right and into the 50/50 blender you go.


That doesn’t make much sense to me. SFV gief isn’t that much different from SFIV gief. SFIV gief setups actually are quite a bit stronger. People even talked about a gief vortex. If anything Abigail is similar to SFIV hugo. Though I can agree on Abigail having to slowly walk his oppinents to the corner. His long range specials look telegraphed and will probably only work during the first few days.


Thankfully they’ve given Abigail some Dhalsim limbs so he can set you up into taking his telegraphed specials, not to mention it looks like he has some pretty strong counter-poking possibilities with xx Abigail Punch catching stuff from quite far.


This was funnier in my head


Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough! Really interested to see the tech Day 1 players like Snake,Infexious and Itazan come up with.