The Next Big Thing: Abigail General Thread





server maintainance incoming?


As long as I can download Abigail, legit don’t care because I’m gonna be in training mode working shit out with him anyway.


Usually maintenance pops at about 1pm eastern the day of the patch and last until 10pm. I think last time it ran for 24hr starting the day before though so prolly tonight.


It still takes a good amount of work to get close before you even get in range to play the “guessing game”. Instead of giving gief the green hand they just made this crazy buff dude to make up for it lol.


I’ll be watching Spider-man Homecoming tomorrow evening so I’ll just play him Wednesday after work.


Does Anybody know the exact time Abigail will be available? They said the 25th but is that as soon as it becomes the 25th (midnight) or is going to be tuesday morning? Isn’t it already the 25th in Japan?
Made a reaction video about Abigail


They will announce tomorrow. Character are almost never launched at midnight. Especially with server downtime


Thanks for the info. The suspense is killing me.


Here you go… just dropped.


Any word on how safe/unsafe Abigails kk running punch is? And how safe/unsafe when spaced? I kind of have an idea how i want to play him but need some frame data.


Its at least -6 cause in the WSO session juri tagged dude with


Fang is too bad to body anyone TBH.


fang gonna own abigail cause theres no practical way i see for abigail to deal with all this 2 hitting shit at the angles it comes out, plus gas trap.

And for this crime, fang gonna get nerfed in season 3.


Fang has good angles for shit in certain matchups on paper, just never adds up because it does way too little damage compared to what happens once people get in on Fang. Plus his mobility is quite strict compared to Nash, Guile or other characters that could long term zone him. Guile has a much better shot of actually giving him a real bad match since his basic mobility and defensive options are considerably better. Abigail having so many grab and guard break options, it should be curtains if he gets in on Fang.

Abigail is surprisingly mobile for his size and if he gets in with meter, he seems like he can just dump damage on everyone. Risk/reward will most likely clearly be in Abigail’s favor especially with 1100/1050 health values. Giving him the most room to soak up poison/white health and avoid stuns.


How dare you even suggest abigail has a chance against fang

hes obviously gonna be a bad match so we need to play this up hard at the start so everyone can feel bad for abigail


Abby going to be able to fling himself at people with KK~K for free. Invincible to projectiles. Soak up that damage with that 1100 hp.

Most jarring thing about the character though is his low floaty jump. That shit is weird.


Yeahhhhhhh Abi’s going to have the same terrible MUs as Gief but he has better tools,more heath and armored options…so I can’t feel too bad for the guy. Tough battles ahead but he’s just going to Nitro Charge through them! VROOM VROOM!!


It’s the home stretch boys…


Servers seem to be up for me.

Just wanted to let the impatient Abigail fans here know.