The Next Big thing in Fighters?

What do you think might be the next popular fighter coming out soon? Right now you could say SSBM, T5, VF4 and Budokai 3 are at the top of the heap right now. Tekken 6? VF5? they are probably automatically contenders without even saying, but what about the other games. Is a new Smash Bros game being worked on for the new nintendo system?

Yeah, Nintendo said it’ll be online-enabled, too.

The new DOA is going to combine titties with gameplay for the first time ever in the series, thus creating the most awesome pseudo fighter ever.

Streetfighter 4 isn’t coming out in while now, so I think the next big Thing is the new Virtua Fighter. The new DOA is gonna look impressive but who’s playing that ^_^’!

I don’t thing the new Soul Caliber will be ground breaking. I’ve seen alot of gamefootage but it’s the same old story again. I’m not really into the smash brothers thing so I can’t comment on that one.

For me it’s Streetfighter 4, but that game isn’t coming out any time soon!

Judging from what was played at the anime con, I’d say the new naruto fighter.

They had a playable copy of GNT4 there? If so did it look that much better than GNT3 (if you played that one before)?

I enjoy the GNT series but would never think they would in the runnings for next big fighter unless there was a drastic change of gameplay from GNT3 (which I’m not expecting in GNT4 but hope I’m wrong).

None of the above.

They should let out or change Itachi and some other cheap ass characters. Naruto needs to works on balance!!!

If “Big thing” translates into sales then MK7 on next-gen consoles will be the “next big thing”.

You seen a lot of gameplay footage? You’re full of shit.

We have those 30 second clips from E3 which basically boil down to SHIT. A couple behind the scenes movies but none of that is realt match videos.

We have seen real footage of Mitsu, Tira, a couple created characters Ralph and Zasalamel and thats pretty much it. None of the characters had complete movelists and anything was fair game to change. SC3 was 40% complete at E3.

SC3 will be the next big game. Nothing else worthy is coming out in the near future.

the 2d Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star fighter.

i hope so at least.

There are some good 2d fighters that are coming out to graffiti_sex.
The footage that I’ve seen made it very clear that’s things are gonna be the same again. Just look at level design, and even the new characters.

So I’m not full of shit, it’s just my thought on it. And I’m full of shit? your name is: ::gR@fF!+i_s3X::

Clearly T6 will be the next frontier.

When’s GNT4 scheduled for release?

And if they balanced Itachi, then he wouldn’t be Itachi. Seriously.

I hope KOFXI is, but I highly doubt it. Probably SC3.

The truth. MK does suck, but it sells, so it is supposedly “the next BIG thing.” VF is unknown by casuals in America, pretty much every new 2D fighter that comes out won’t be publisized (spelling?)in America, and so forth. For BIG thing, you have…

  1. Soul Caobur 3
  2. Dead or Alive 4
  3. Tekken 6 or TT2
  4. Mortal Kombat 7

End of story.

KOF XI I hope,don’t care about 3d fighters.

There is no real new or groundbreaking Beat’em up coming soon. Anyway, there is still hope in me for a surprise hit and all this sequels in the near future promise to be entertaining for a while.

I voted for RF 2 cause that game is dope… despite me not knowing how to do shit.


AM2 always pulls light years away from everyone in terms of innovation, I expect it to be the same with this one.