The Next Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken thread


Time for a new thread. The game is out now and a couple of people have it, so now people can actually talk about the game. Let’s try to avoid having Master Chibis here, eh?

And yes, I know that the new thread’s name sucks, but I’ll leave it as it is until I think of a better one or someone tells me. Also I’ll edit this FAQ so it’s more helpful. I just wrote over the old faq so I could put this up more quickly.

For the old threads:

First thread:
Second thread:

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

*What systems is the game out for? *

For the Atomiswave arcade and for the Japanese PS2.

*Where can I get the game? *

For the console version: Since the game is out only for Japan, try import shops. Try good online ones like like or

For the arcade version: For buying online, Coinopexpress sells Atomiswave systems and HnK game carts. You can also try online auctions such as Ebay.

To buy off online, try asking your local arcade manager for contacts of his vendors, and try to purchase the game from them.

Or you could play the game in the arcades. Here are the known arcades that have it:

Kong Man Center - NYC, NY
Planet Zero Anime Center - Houston, TX
Arcade Infinity - Rowland Heights, LA County, CA
Family Fun Arcade. Granada Hills, CA (Do they still have it?)
Gametown - Zurich, Switzerland

Members here with the arcade version:

Arizona, USA - Hydra632
SoCal - Deadly Magneto (Did he end up selling it?)
Atlanta, GA - NobitaKun (?)

Specific Game Questions

Is there a movelist and general explanation about the game’s system?

Yes. Nonoho’s excellent FAQ.

*What’s the game’s official layout? *


A = Weak Punch
B = Weak Kick
C = Heavy Punch
D = Heavy Kick
E = Boost

What’s the crazy notation with the numbers that everyone seems to be using?

It’s called the numpad notation and is used for many games like Soul Calibur,
VF, Guilty Gear, and doujin games. Many players use this notation for this game, so if you don’t know it, you probably should or else your going to have headaches reading combos.

Each direction you can move the stick to is represented by a number. Refer to below:

7 8 9       UpBack     Up      UpForward
4 5 6  -->  Back     Neutral     Forward
1 2 3       DownBack  Down   DownForward

*Thanks G.Blood for the diagram.

And so to write combos, you just put the numbers in the order of what direction you’d hit first to last, and then button(s) if needed afterwards. So to show a hadouken (QCF+P) in this notation, it would be 236P. An uppercut would be 623P, Kikouken would be 41236P, etc.

What’s the tier list?

Clickie. =)

Any good sites for info about the game?

Dustloop HnK forum - Contains the most detailed and comprehensive info about the game. - Has moved past HnK, but gets recognization for providing mostly combos and complete movelists.
The old SRK threads: 1st thread, 2nd thread. This thread, obviously of course.
SRK Wiki- Needs a lot of work.

*Any good sites for videos? *


Tianyuan’s page
Deadly Magneto’s page
Nonoho’s page
Hydra632’s page
mamuuuut’s page

Matchmaking questions

*Do people play in my area? *

Try contacting people in this thread or talking to the people in your area by visiting your local thread in the matchmaking forum.

Any tournaments for this game?

Nothing mentioned, at least in North America. If such a thing is going to happen, your most likely going to have to run it for yourself.

HnK @ EVO 07’?

If you want something organized, start talking about it! Your best bet it is to talk to Hydra since he made HnK happen at EVO 06’, and has expressed interest about playing the game at the next EVO.

FAQ special thanks to:

Gwyrgyn Blood
Deadly Magneto

*Note: This page is in the process of editing, so things are subject to change.


So my copy just arived a couple of hours ago! The game’s seriously awesome, much more than I expected. I was getting bored of waiting to be honest, but now I’m playing it it’s really starting to grow on me.

So I’ve got the first part of Rei’s B&B down, but how do I continue?,, (sjc/iad) j.hp, s.hp, dp + lp x hcf + hp ???


Having trouble re-spiking w/ Raoh after a blowback attack. Is it even possible, or am I just going to have to figure out something else?


I need a Toki beginner’s guide.


I vote for a wiki to be done if it already hasnt been done yet


Mine just arrived…didn’t know FedEx delivered THIS early. :tup:


Woh, that’s crazy, got mine today off Fedex aswell. I have to say I was also suprised, I ordered Kenichi with UPS and it never came this fast, I didn’t even have to pay customs up front either.


excuse me but is there a character better for a noob to play?

i just started playing this game on ps2 just now~


I’d reccomend Shin. That’s who I started using and already I love him…combos are pretty sick and his Nanto Gokutoken move is a good way to keep opponents off your ass.


Souther seems easy enough to learn

Shin also seems easy to learn.


so what characters do you all play?!

how long have you guys been playing?!

:wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, I started playing with Shin and I was pretty much getting the game down quick. Even for the three matches I played with him, he seemed really nice to play as.

I’ll be getting a PS2 today, so hopefully I can pick this up along with it.


I started playing with Rei. I am loving him. The games is awesome but has any one else noticed that it seems a little slower than the ARC vids ? or do I just suck. LOL


i did hear someone say that the ps2 is different then the Arcade version


The control layout in the OP is wrong. It looks like this:


Just like every other Atomiswave game.

You have to use the air version. Common setup is something like … CD 6, C 2C > IAD j.B 214D

Do note that if you spike in the corner you get pushed back really fast. There are tricks around that but that’s getting into advanced stuff.

You can jump cancel his HCF+HP attack, so you use the old ‘Normal Jump Cancel’ trick from GG to basically do stuff instantly off it. Basic combo looks like:

… C 623A 41236C 9~C |> C 623A 41236C 9~C |> 2C 236236A

That is to say, you hit 9 and C at roughly the same time and he falls into a j.C as opposed to jumping UP and doing a C.

That would be pretty strange seeing as GG runs faster on PS2 than it does on Atomis. It’s been confirmed that there is less graphical lag on the PS2 version from boosting and such.


Dan, can you tell me how to do Mamiya’s infinite on Rei after her yoyo super? Or what to do after I happen to nail that super (on other characters) anyway?



I’m thinking Kenshiro and Jagi. Kenshiro pretty basic or does he take a while to learn?


Ken’s more basic, but Jagi’s unothodox enough to net you some victories. Winning with Ken will be difficult if you don’t know of his HCF+HK loop.


Well I guess i will have to get use to it. but again that game is pretty d*mn awesome. Has anyone found any unlocks at all on it? Not that it matters at all.


Kenshiro is way easier to pick up and just way better overall. Great DP and good mixups … he doesn’t have great pokes though, and his fireball is pretty sad.

I actually have no idea what to do after that. I could probably figure it out if I had the game. :confused: