The NExt LeVel: CVS2 N-Groove Thread

Lets discuss what exactly is N-groove, what sets it apart from the other grooves… strategy for N-groove, what characters are best in N-Groove, and why the Japanese use N-Groove so much… :cool:
Let the show begin!!!

other n-groove thread

but yeah, break stock canceled into super is just fun :smiley:

Best N Chars-Yamazaki, Iori, Shotos, Chun-li, Sagat, Blanka, Morrigan, Vega???. Japanese don’t use N Groove alot, theres all of 4 or 5 Japanese N players. Besides, it really doesn’t matter what the Japanese use, seeing as the Japanese and American scenes ar way different, just use who you’re comfortable with.

explain to me more on what exactly is break stock cancelling?

ive been wondering if i should switch from c groove to n groove. what advantages do i get for playing n groove as opposed to c groove?

Well you get to rushdown alot more, which is cool. Also you get low jump AND roll (RC) AND Run, which is really dope imo. Counter roll is also very good.

What exactly is the scene like in Japan then, what makes them better?

Also, what are N-Groove pop supers and counter rolls?

Does anyone have any good rushdown tactics for Sakura? Thx…

After frame 8 of your break stock animation (HP+HK) you can cancel into a super or special at any time. This top tier “pop trick” tactic is unstoppable and you should abuse it every time you have 2 levels. Man, it’s just too fun!

yeah, i was watching a video on it and i didn’t understand the concept… it looked cool though… so basically after you hit the HK+HP buttons, you do your super :slight_smile:

kxcj, what are some of your rushdown tactics w/ Sagat?

Sakura isn’t a rushdown character, and I’ve never even seen a decent N Sak. Her run seems shitty though. Well as far as Japanese N Groove players, well known ones are Ohnuki(N Akuma/Chun/Sagat2), Togawa(N Iori, Ken, Sagat), Tokido(N Vega, Sagat, Blanka2). Buktooth is the only prominent N player in the US, and he plays N Iori, Morrigan, Hibiki. Also as of late he’s been playing N Vice/Chun/Hibiki. Counter rolls are like an alpha counter that’s a roll. Blanka really benifits from this, because its the only way he can escape Sakura’s GC custom. Well as far as Japanese N players being better than US N players, is that there ARE Japanese N players. Most us players are interested in playing safe rather than rushing down, and N isn’t a very “safe” groove. That’s why you see a majority of A and C players. Also for some reason alot of US players say N can’t fight RC, which is wrong.

If you have blanka, or bison, or vega and your opponent jumps at you. Well, if your in N-grooove and they can’t parry/JD, break stock and immediately super while they’re still in the air. lvl 3 invincibility, priority and it’s unblockable.
They can always try to activate through it, :confused: .

If you are a Blanka user, N groove gives you a better chance against A-Sak. And that’s why I use him in N.

Learn the max range of your far s.LK first and formost. Poking with this move is very important. Make sure you can anti-air any jump-in with a deep dp+HP from any range outside of this far s.LK. If you’re ducking already, make sure you can anti-air with a deep qcf, qcf+MP Level 2 super.

Keep your opponents away from you with far s.LK and far s.HP.

The following moves recover quick enough so you’re never in danger from a jump in.

-far s.LK

Play patient and abuse these moves all day until the opponent jumps at you. Once you get the knockdown is when you can start rushing down.

Don’t play any Sagat other than C-Sagat until you’re the master of anti-airing btw… Can’t walk until you learn to crawl, and you can’t rush down with K/N-Sagat until you learn to play defense first.

-close s.LP gives major frame advantage
-d.LK gives +5 frame advantage
-d.HP gives +1 AND hits really meaty
-meaty d.HP, link s.MP xx qcf+LK
-meaty d.HP, link d.MK xx super
-Low jump HK is cheap
-Running d.LK’s, finish with a d.HP = “ouch, my guard meter”
-throw a lot
-guard break, far s.HP xx high tiger super = all your life… haha

-tip of far s.HP, d.HP, and j.HK are all invincible

-don’t mess up your combos (d.LK, d.LK xx tiger crush/super; low jump HK, tiger uppercut; etc…)

-you should only go for 3 running d.LK’s at most whenever you do use them. Running shorts with Sagat is extremely cheap, but do too many and you’ll be pushed out of range, defeating the whole purpose of rushing somebody down in the first place)

-running fierce!

Oh yeah, never take one step backwards either. Remember you have Sagat! And he’s a fucking beast. All you need to do is press forward a few times and your opponent will be the one running away all day. Rush him down until he dies.

I was kidding about going nuts with the N-groove “pop trick” btw. That thing sucks. The only use you’ll ever have for it with N-Sagat is as anti-air.

-you’re just crouching there, opponent foolishly jumps for no reason, you break stock and make him eat deep level 3 high tiger super

n is easy pick honda and blanka wait for ppl to jump and rc on reaction:o

chikyuu plays a very good N-sakura against peachy and liquid metal (?) on the evo2k2 DVD, check it out.

-you should only go for 3 running d.LK’s at most whenever you do use them. Running shorts with Sagat is extremely cheap, but do too many and you’ll be pushed out of range, defeating the whole purpose of rushing somebody down in the first place)

so run, then quickly is basically what your saying?

Also, i think i should just read your sagat post which is very in depth…

can someone explain “meaty”…

also, how do you stop c-guile w/ sagat… the person i play constantly throws sonic boom then kicks right afterwards and tries to flash kick the mess out of people…

also, how can hibiki be good in n-groove… she seems more like a defensive players instead of a rushdown player…

also, do you recommend rolling a lot? how can you mix and match running and rolling?

If theres RC,small jump AND COUNTER ROLL(important becuz now he can escape A-sak) shouldnt N- groove be blanka’s best groove?

It DEFINATELY is IMO. A/C/K Blanka are good, but lowjump and RC electricity is really downright cheap. AND Counter Roll. Meaty is when you knock someone down, and wake them up into a move. When timed right, you hit with the last few frames, greatly increasing the frame advantage, and stuffing non invincible moves. Guile beats Sagat. If he’s not roll canceling, (which he’s probably not) Just stay on the ground and punch/kick him in the face when he tries to sonic boom you. Don’t be afraid AC if you’re about to get guard crushed, and he has meter. Counter roll works well on stupid Guiles who try to end block strings with a soinc boom, follow up all the time. Ask Buk about how to play N Hibiki, low jump and run is pretty good with her, and with 3 stocks, she can do crazy amounts of damage by doing her lv1 slash after her lv3 combo super. Also try not to ever roll unless A:your opponent is down. or B:They do something laggy in your face (like a fireball or something).

I think blank should be a anchor for most n-groove teams not sagat

try and play N-blanka sometime, there’s so many things you can do and strats you can use and tools you can utilize it almost gets to be too much. but then you watch tokido’s N-blanka on the evo2k2 DVD, and it all looks so simple and easy. another deceptive thing about N-blanka is that if people jump in, short jump fierce is great, but level 1 is even better because it trades heavily in your favor.

i think a lot of people don’t play N-groove because it just requires too much work, and most players like to spam fierce/medium into super and slap out DP’s in CC’s instead. plus most N-groove players like to rushdown, which unless you’re in K-groove, about 99% of cvs2 players DON’T(can’t) do.

plus it requies a deeper knowledge of frame data. look at buk’s iori guide or kcxj’s n-akuma notes and you’ll see that when rushing down, you have to know the different frame advantages and which moves will beat what other moves in your rushdown strings.